I thought you had to buy Yoz Jar with real cash aka Royal Crystal for Legendary Skin

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This guy is calculating if it’s worth buying Yoz Jar with Royal Crystal or off of Market when Aeromancer came out


wait you can buy it with 900 blue crystals? for NAE it’s about 27000gold which isn’t too bad

and you can dismantle existing skin to get cloth you need 14 clothes use Yoz Jar.

I thought yoz jar can only be purchased with royal crystal not blue crystals.


people just dont want the gamble part. People would still drop tons of money in to it whether f2p or swiping.

also forgot to add that you also need the gold cloths to open the jar. I havent really looked in to it whether the cloths are royal crystals only or if people just buy random skins and dismantle those.

I’ve only used the free yoz jar that came with the ark pass in KR

Blue crystals are IRL cash, someone must gamble with their real money to generate them, whether it’s you or someone else.


yes 14 clothes I’ve put it up there.

People already sell skins on market where other people pay gold to buy the skin because they don’t want to spend real cash

well then it just boils down to the gamble part…which is kinda stupid argument since a lot of the system in the game is gambling - gems, quality, honing

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Whole game is gambling. But the argument against the yoz jar was that you have to rely on Royal Crystal to buy the yoz jar and it could cost thousands of dollars.

How is it different from buying ability stone to get 9/7 stone vs legendary skin? stone need pheon which you need BC to buy and 9/7 stone probability is somewhere along the line of .008 vs legendary skin which is 10%?

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People got misled by a reddit post and cried until it got removed. They were unhinged and beyond delusional.


it’s technically a “box” which falls in to gambling law thingy in some countries. I dunno exactly how other games go around it. It cant be as simple as indicating the drop chance since yoz jar already tells you that…so i dunno

you know the monthly card pack that’s sold on the shop with RC?

That’s loot box too

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cant sell those tho

you mean to other players? you can’t sell yoz jar to other players either right?

the cards

AGS sell card pack with RC in the shop which is loot box.

AGS is not implementing yoz jar because it’s loot box.

I’m missing something

you cant sell the card packs when you open them. The skins you get from yoz jar are sellable.

so card pack isn’t loot box because you can’t sell?

then just make yoz jar skin unsellable problem solved

it’s still a lootbox but the point of the gambling law is to restrict gambling for items that can be sold to other people

Then you have to gamble with 5% chance for 1(!) setpiece. 1 piece with 5% chance.
So there would be a chance that you spend 100.000.000 gold and you will get 0 setpiece.

Do you really want this system in the game?

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10% chance of getting Legendary Skin.

1 yoz jar is 90 BC + 14 cloths. Don’t know how much cloth cost in gold but let say it cost total of 10K gold to open the Jar (including skin bought from the market dismantled into cloth).

It would cost average of 100K per legendary skin

say you got really unlucky and took 100 tries it’s 1million gold per skin.

I don’t know where you got 100Mil gold

Thast doesnt guarantee that you will get it.

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Yeah sorry. 10% with 2 color, for 1 color its 5%. But if you cant sell it (as you said), you want it in the right color.
But if you have 10% to get a piece you have 90% that you wont get it.