I thought you had to buy Yoz Jar with real cash aka Royal Crystal for Legendary Skin

Fair point, didn’t realize that the jars were still tradable, thought they would have been bound on purchase or something

One thing I could add then would be to make both the jars and cloths available for free

However that would cut too much into profits

Makes a lot more sense now, thanks for pointing it out

Seems like we might have to wait for it to be changed until it no longer nets as much of a profit as SG is hoping

The jars are not tradable, the rewards are. Any outfit u get from Yoz’s Jar is tradable.

The issue isn’t waiting until it no longer nets a profit, it will always net a profit in KR since the system is allowed there and it’s a huge earner. So why would they change the system there completely just to conform to laws in The Netherlands unless the expected profit exceeds the current profit? This would be very difficult to do seeing as the way the system works is exactly why it’s so profitable, except that system isn’t allowed under Dutch loot box laws.

It’s like I explained earlier, they can’t only change the system for us and give us a much cheaper version because then KR is upset. They can’t adjust ours to match the cost of KR and straight-up sell the outfits for 100’s of dollars because, well that 1s obvious.

This is why we’re months down the line of their announcement of it being removed with no working alternative yet because creating one is just very difficult.

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another thing could be something like a pity system, like teso.
Teso has lootboxes aswell, even straight forward boxes which cant be obtained through gold into currencies like in lost ark.
You buy them in the shop for real money and open them.
Why are they allowed?
Because every drop can be dismantled into purple crystals, the amount depends on the rarity, and every rarity in the box has its own fixed price scaling up obviously which can be bought directly in a crystal store.
Same as a pity system, if you fail 25 times the next would be a guaranteed succes.
Its not only about tradable or not, its also about how long it takes you to get the item.
Infinite tries without a chance of obtaining it? Nope!
Pity system that guarantees it after an amount of tries? Yes.