I tipped. I'm done

As the swimsuit costumes came out this week i bought the big pack, y’know cool background and all, then again i soent gold buying costumes for my alts and another pack of crystals i bought to get the last couple, but as i was doing my dailies on my characters with much resistance i thought to myself.

Why am i doing this?

8 alts on rest bonus, my main every day, for what?

Dungeons? There arent any past Oreha, challenge abyss are equalized.

PvP? I dont care about it its a half ass system with an attempted bandaid fix.

Horizontal content? Yeah i did enjoy doing it, but the latter half i wouldnt call fun at all, they purposely made it tedious with little to no good rewards later on.

Story? Great setpieces, with a mediocre story, i can play a myrid of other games if i want this.

Legion raids? Yeah they’re great, on the first run, then they just become another tick box to do each week and stress over until they’re done.

And im sat here, putting money in to the game, when i dont even get any enjoyment out of it, future content? Why should i believe it will be any different?

Its the same pattern with all these games, they keep demanding more of your time the deeper you get but they rarely want to give you the satisfaction you seek, and the fun moments are few and far between.

The game isnt designed with the player in mind, its designed with the consumer in mind, no matter how SG sugarcoat their words the design is there to make you waste more and more time in the game the more you play.

Alt friendly? My fucking ass. The only thing this game does for alts is lets you put them at the starting line of the hamster wheel so you can spend longer running around in it, if it was alt friendly bound mats wouldnt exist, you would be able to move stones, legion raid mats and everything to your alts freely, THAT’S alt friendly.

So yeah. I’m done.

Im writing this because i want everyone to look at themselves as they play this game and ask yourself, why are you doing this? Is the time spent in this game truly worth the fun you are getting back?

If it is, good for you, if it isn’t, dont force yourself, just step away.


All those words to say you got tired of playing this game and going to move to another game to waste time.


If you don’t enjoy the daily/weekly check boxes. Chaos dungeons, Guardian Raids, Legion Raids being the big ones. Then the game most likely isn’t for you, and that is ok.

Every ARPG and MMO ever made is just a skinner box. Do the thing, get the reward. Rinse and repeat. The problem is when people do not enjoy “the thing” and focus only on getting the reward. It’s why swiping for honing is a generally a really bad idea without a very specific goal in mind (such as catching up to or getting to a specific point). As all you are doing is shortening the reward cycle, you are paying to play the game less.

I think the game is really alt friendly, as long as you actually want to play those alts.

I think alot of the design is player friendly not consumer designed. As swiping only gets you there faster, it isn’t needed to get there.

I can agree maybe bound mats should be roster bound, then just rebalance how many go out.

I can agree that maybe there should just be a nominal 1 pheon fee to trade gear to your alts instead of the full AH pheon cost.

I think they can do better, but i also don’t think they do as a terrible a job as you are portraying.

But at the end of the day. If the “fun moments are few and far between” maybe reassess what in the game you do find fun, then compare that to what content the game offers. It might just not be the game for you. And that is ok.


Can agree on this, not even completly unbounded, but roster bound at least.


Enjoy the journey not the finish line… We are pretty much on maintenance mode until September Road map happens and we get new contents… TBH i feel a bit burn out myself… taking a break is normal and it is up to you if you want to come back after the break



Take sometime off and come back when u wanna play again. If u wanna play again =) take care.


Actually I’m almost on the same page. I play though two days a week doing whatever I can and skip the rest. I believe that is how much the game deserves of my time and I ll abandon it when I find something else.


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with one thing I actually agree. it doesnt feel like this game is alt friendly. my main is 1487 and 5 alts are 1415+. if you count how much you need to pay for: engraving books, relic accs with decent setup(5x3 if possible for long run), tripods, honing etc. that alt will never make enough golds to at least pay for his own setup.


Agree with you definitely not alt friendly those streamers who claims so can do it because their full time job is playing and streaming lost ark duh … For a normal sane person this is not sustainable.

The design of this game is flaw and the Pheons just make things even worst. Have you ever wonder why even after the 1370 buff people are complaining that there is potato players with bad engraving and rainbow stats. Well you can’t blame them 100%.

1- Accessory cost are expensive due to pheons as we speak conversion rate in my server is roughly 700g to 95 crystal. Imagine a new players who want to try out the game, they don’t necessary have those kind of resource and foundations to pull it off.

2- Honing from 1370 to 1415 still take a huge amount of mat and gold. There is your gold sink for the new influx players.

3- When those new players arrived in the Legion raids, party finders that you see most of the time is either bus or Alt reclear checking XYZ title. Also, player here take whatever those korean streamer said to the T. Then gatekeep so hard the new ones that those new players most of them just give ups.

The game claim the following :
1- Respect your time : No (unless you swipe)
2- Alt Friendly : No (it cost tons of pheons to equipe them) → one of the main reasons why the new Yohoho hell exist or undegear new player that got constantly reject in party finder and then quit the game.

Pheons for all the old players is not a problem because we have already have strong alt and was able to profits to sell mats at a high price for example when guardian stone T3 was selling for 14 gold per bundle and now it is 3g. Imagine the new players, what is the gold income can they make to afford their gear ? Now you wonder why most new player alts are looking like a potato and then old player playing their alt on Yohoho hell are having a “Fun time”. Both side are miserable.


Bye. :wave:

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I agree with this - I am just doing rested on 6 main. Busing/weeklies only for gold (not that I enjoy it) and playing my RPGs on the side. I don’t spend as much time and refuse to grind as much.

Ultimately, this game is really a grind/slog till new content comes out. For people who enjoy grinding its the game for them, for people who don’t just play it more casually.


Decent post with a lot of truth. I feel a lot of players will reach this point sooner or later, myself included.

There’s an inherent flaw in the way the game limits “fun” activities and progression behind a wall of mundane tasks and routines.

I don’t think this is a problem specific to this game but the mmo genre in general, its just felt more here as the recipe of the game is more obviously split into sections. Other mmo’s evolved to be this way out of necessity, whereas lost ark feels like it was built like this from the ground up. For lost ark to be great, some of the monotony needs to be broken up and core changes need to be made to the gameplay loop.

The blueprint of the game is very visible and not well hidden, it’s like the paint by numbers guide of how to make a good mmo, and by good I mean in a formulaic sense.


Mats and gold please and thank you

you cannot be done. You are not allowed to stop. You must play this game with all your free time for the next 10 years. You are borg you have been assimilated. Resistance is futile.


Not ginna lie i agree with this but i still enjoy the game somehow.

Is the only mmo i have enjoyed this much since dofus when i was a kid and one that was called “heroes go” which was closed by the companny to create anothr failure

I have tries others but i love playing LOA with thw friends i make here :thinking: maybe without my friends u would burnt out aswell.

I just chill in discord with them when i’m on

Imagine :clown_face:

I get where the OP is coming from. And alot of posts in here speak alot of truth. But I’m still having fun with my guild and the combat so I’ll stick it out for now. But let’s all be real this game is a very niche game in a niche genre and if it has over 30k actual players by next year SG should be ecstatic.

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