I tried leveling a new character. The bots make the experience horrible

I tried leveling a new character today because I was like… Ok I will try to get some Solas green cards this way and just take it easy on this character.

I was honestly astonished by the amount of bots and how disruptive they are in gameplay. Please AGS @Roxx, Any CM I encourage you to please try playing yourself and see from a players perspective how insane this is and how devastating the impact is on playing the game.

So many quests are absolutely harder to finish because try competing against an army of teleporting bots who are too busy competing against other bots for the kills.

I am sorry to say but saying you work on it and try to improve is not enough and not acceptable. At the very least you need to consider hiring some ingame-Moderators that have an online presence in the game and has the ability to ban instantly until your bot/anti-cheat/automated stuff is good enough to catch them automatically.

By maintaining your current strategy you are also choosing to ruin the “new player” experience brutally for anyone who wants to come in and give this game a try.

I challenge you… Go make a new character and see for yourself, choose a random server and see what its like. This is totally out of control…