I used triport into Scraplands and game crashed

Hi, I’m on NA West Mari. Character name Elandir. I tried to use song of triport into scraplands and the game crashed. Whenever I try to login, the game crashes again before even loading. I tried logging onto an alt and switching characters, and that also crashed the game.

Hello @gozario234 and Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I can help you moving your character to a safe location. But in the meantime, you can help me doing some stuff for me:

Close the game client completely.

Verify the integrity of game files

Check for Windows and/or graphics card Drivers updates.

Restart the computer

Reconnect with the stuck character.

Edit: please log off the game so I know for sure I wont disconnect you of the game while doing important stuff.

Logged off and closed now

Try those troubleshooting steps listed above and then log back in with that stuck character, let me know if it works.

Thanks. I was able to login now.

Hey I’m glad it worked! :smiley:

Tag me if you need more help with this! :slight_smile: