I waited an hour in que only to get stuck

NA West - Mari

I waited an hour in que only to get stuck when it finished so I relogged then now I’m back in 10k. What’s happening?

Hello @Dallydeed

I hope you are having a great week so far and apologize about this unexpected situation. I understand this might be frustrating to go back in the que to the start of it ! Even though there is no major issue reported at this time related to your server.
I would suggest to run a files verification on steam to check if there is any corrupted files giving issues to your game. Steam integrity check

Let us know if this keep happening to you in order to investigate the case/
Keeep gaming hero!

It might be because I had exitlag on. I heard it was whitelisted so I started using it again. I guess the whitelist didn’t even last for 2 days…

there is a major issue with all NA servers, 5k+ queue of bots. How is that not an issue ? KEKW