Gender locking to this extent is just making me want to play something else. Not all of us are sexually frustrated neckbeards who need to see jiggly cartoon boobs just to be able to play a mage or wizard. And before that tired, ancient, worn out comment about “I’d rather look at a girls butt than a dudes butt as I play”. You should be looking at the enemies. Not the character’s rear end, unless you’re that hard up for some arousal. Also, the overwhelming majority of women don’t want to play male characters and it doesn’t make them misandrists and I fully support their wishes. Many women want to be a female paladin. Too bad on Lost Ark. And I don’t want to hear that crap about how many resources it takes to make a class of each gender. If they can design all those hideous childish ridiculous looking piñata mounts, then they can make a damn male mage.


I don’t like the gender lock too. People should have the choice. Female Warrior, Male Wizzard etc. etc.


Same! SGR is committed to making gender equivalents of each class over time, but unfortunately we don’t know how long that might take. Female Berzerker looks to be next on the list


Alchemist when? :slight_smile: i want to heal and buff by throwing potions at my teamates


amm yeah sure why not, eventually they’ll make one, until then what’s wrong with boobs and butts? You can’t see crap anyway with sorcs skill anims

aaand id rather they focus on more important things like getting that q down for EU, but think the plan is to have all classes both gender until some snowflake asks for transgender or whatever the rest of the modern genders are and they have to make those too, tho I wonder how will they make “You dare to assume my gender” class hmm.


I mean same logic right. If the chars Female what does it matter you should be watching the enemy not the character’s rear end. If your implying you shouldn’t be observing your character why does it matter? Lol


same. i usually play mages in mmorpg’s but this one i was kind of bummed when i found out that the mage is female only for now. i don’t like playing female characters when they are gender locked in games.

if the founders packs and what not were not character bound i probably wouldn’t mind making the mage rn but as it is yea im just gonna stick to my paladin. same with the bard


Oh this would be SUPER cool


but would that not then make them a wizard!?


I definitely understand why you would like to play a specific gender or don’t like sexuality, or do like it. However, if having to play something that may not be the gender you want is a deal breaker, I would just move on and find a different game. Genderlock is very low priority for Smilegate because their main demographic doesn’t care as much.

Although they are working on opposite gender equivalents, like striker for wardancer and deadeye for gunslinger

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Alchemist throws a potion at someone and it bounces off them.

How does that work?

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I think a male mage, could be a male version of the summoner which is the necromancer


what happens if you throw a wrong potion on friendlies…do we turn into frogs or can we throw it back at you?

Or a more morbid reality. The glass potion bottle breaks and injuries your teammates lol.

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hmm really not sold on the idea of dodging boss and a healer…imagine alchemist in raid: “stand still you little…im gonna cut you! oh no i meant heeeaaal you!”

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p.s. i do totally understand why @Roxx wants to throw glass bottles at us :smiley:

Aw, if only I could have a founder’s skin for a female Zerker… The male skin looks pretty kickass. Why not let us females be kickass too?! Lol.

Kay. You want a cookie? I want a female heavy armor tank. Females don’t have all the classes either.

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I want a cookie :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

They are already working on making both male/female versions of already released characters. For example, Deadeye/Gunslinger they are the exact same class with very little differences in terms of skills and their tri-pods. We will get a Male mage eventually. Your post comes off as super entitled and bratty. I’d even go as far as to say you sound like an incel to be honest. Maybe try taking a step back from your constant negative ideology once in a while, it should help with your communication. Having this sort of ego you’re portraying won’t get you the results you want.