Can i ask a thing not knowing stuff?

If Deadeye and Slinger are the same, why the community totally agree in the fact that slinger=op meta deadeye=underperforming?
IK everything is viable, but a rapid search on google and reddit say this.


Because they aren’t exactly the same. There are some differences, although most skills are the same. Those differences matter when it comes to how the character is played. For example deadeye relies more on shotgun and close range which is bad for a squishy class, whereas gunslinger prefers the rifle which is safer.

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i just want summoner :upside_down_face:


actually this + want summoner before gender choices, etleast if it colide time frames by any way

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You have to consider that this is mainly an ARPG in a MMO world. ARPGs, in general have fixed class/gender matches.
I’d love to have two versions for all the classes, but it will take a while.

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This is a non-issue for me personally but it would be a nice feature for those who want it.


Are you ok? Did somebody hurt you?

why so serious?

Don’t hijack my topic with your own totally unrelated one.

And it isn’t up to you what’s more important. Sorry.

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Never heard that comment anywhere before. You must have invented it and not just mentally copy/pasted it as a vapid non reply, right?

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You’re ridiculous.

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No. They don’t. Diablo 2 and path of exile. Two ancient ARPGs with fixed genders. Keyword: ancient. Diablo 4 some have fixed genders.

I would wager that MOST PEOPLE want to have the gender options.

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there is a lot of truth in that statement :smiley:

oh cmon, dude, you’ll get your male meshes, will probably adjust some skills like in striker vs wardancer but mostly it will be the same. they already started it so its just a matter of time

You know already the game has gender-locked classes, and SG’s direction of introducing the opposite class is going on.
Right now the class in the queue for gender unlock is Berserker and we have no other sight of who is coming next.

What’s the problem? Go play something else then. This game has been out for a few years and there was enough information out there for you to find out that there are no male mage classes.

Exactly, you said it yourself.

I have no control over how you chose to receive my post. I could post the nicest most well mannered post on earth here asking for a male mage class, and I would still get the exact same snarky responses.

  1. i wAnT tO sEe wOmEnz bUtT nOt mAn drool

  2. “there are more important things to focus on like what I want, not what you want OP”

  3. “wHo hUrT yOu?”


I mean there are variants to these, but it’s the same. And the people posting them still think they’re right for some reason.


I also need a male mage and at least a single male assassin. I don’t mind gender locks exactly… The question is usually if the class looks, feels and sounds nice to play. Which… some of them don’t exactly imo. Really wanted to play Bard, but everything about it is mildly annoying. The armor is just weird. The music sounds bad…

Also I don’t mind the armors being revealing, but the hip swagger on female characters absolutely kills me. It’s hilarious, but at the same time kind of ruins what little immersion the game has.

Edit: I am going to play the hell out of Lance Master once she comes out though. Her armor design is actually cool, even if a few metal plates are missing in some dangerous areas.


It doesn’t bother me to be honest. I think of them more as individual heroes. Some are men and some are women. Low priority as far as I’m concerned but doesn’t bother me if they add it in for people.


Are you ok? If you like I am sure there are some online sites you can visit and someone can talk to you? All I have read in this thread is “I want, I want!” You seem like somebody really upset you.

First of all, all the models have to be meshed out, rendered rigged and animated. Parts of those can be duplicated with slight adjustments, t hen you have the texture and the mapping of all this, making sure the thousands upon thousands of frames for each animation matches, fits the character model. It isn’t something that is done boom badabing because billy bob over here demands it.

Secondly, there is a right way to go about using forums to get staff attention in a positive manner for them to even want to take your thread seriously. You’re going about it the wrong way, abusing anyone who contradicts your wants.

Thirdly, the character is a SORCERESS, not a sorcerer which is gender neutral. You want them to create an entire new class just for you, Billy Bob, because he says that some stats he just created in his head are behind his idea. Even if it were true, which there are no stats to say so, it’s entirely up to the development team, not the publishers, or one of many to put it into the works.

That all being said, perhaps lay off attacking other users because some of us who use these forums aren’t children and are adults who don’t take kindly to people like yourself leaving comments the way you are. Grow up.


Exactly, such low priority. Not for or against, it’s his right to ask or suggest but he’s doing it negatively.