I want a proper explanation for only allowing 12 (13?) characters per account despite 18 slots available

If this is an oversight on shop management and you will be making 6 more tickets available soon, then let us know when the planned date for that is.

If this is not an oversight, I want an actual explanation that respects my intelligence as an adult and not some bullcrap PR/marketing nonsense designed to placate.

I was able to create a Glaivier after the update, but not a Scrapper, which is the last class I need to level. If I click the slot, I’m told I need to buy a ticket, but I cannot buy a ticket, because you can only purchase 12, but 0 are available to me in the shop.

I’m 13/18 currently, with 0 tickets available in the shop.

Patch notes do not indicate that this restriction is intentional. Notes say 18 slots now available. But I am effectively limited to 13.

I would like an explanation.

I am an altholic and this arbitrary restriction is killing my enthusiasm


It’s a bug. You were able to buy up to 18 yesterday. Take a deep breath.


Having the same problem 13/18 characters can’t buy more tickets

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I’m also having this issue except I can’t buy any slots whatsoever at 12/18 slots.

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u were able to buy 18 tickets but u can only use up to 13 characters, i have all the ticket bought but cant get more than 13 characters. so its not a bug, i think its intended by amazon

The same problem. I buy +6 slot, i have 12 characters.
what is the solution?

It’s a bug that’s been here for weeks.
My character purchase tickets look like this, except I only bought 6 extra total, so I’m missing 4 total that SHOULD be purchasable. (And no it doesn’t let me make a 13th character without buying 1 of those two, so where did the other 4 go?)

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox can we get someone to look into this? It seems to be a similar type of bug, I reported this to AGS customer support weeks ago (specifically my post above this) and they never got back to me.

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me too @Admi @amazon #amazon someone

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I asked shadowfox on the thread she created and she said they were looking into it

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Take a deep breath.

No thanks. I am a paying customer and my attitude in the post was perfectly reasonable. As noted elsewhere, this has apparently been a bug for some people for weeks (showing incorrect amount of tickets available) and support has been silent up to today.

Also, 18 slots were not available “the day before,” why would I buy 18 tickets without having 18 slots visibly available? I may be a consumer but I am not a mindless consumer. Same reason I don’t normally pre-order games - I only did it for Lost Ark because it was already an established game with several years of patches under its belt. It has more or less been fine.

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Since your issue is that the system won’t currently let you pay for additional individual character slot extension tickets, go buy some explorer packs to calm your nerves until it’s ultimately resolved:

It would be better if they had a workaround, buying the explorer pack to expensive.

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Same here

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Hey all, this issue is currently being investigated, thank you to @Lycilla for asking the question :slightly_smiling_face:.


i love u

thanks i just noticed this answer was from a moderator, it should be on i brighter colour i almost missed it , thanks for taking the time to answer

Really bummed not to see this addressed on the weekly maintenance smh


yup i dont feel like playing until they fix this next week

if you go into a different server, you can purchase 1 ticket from the character selection screen and DO NOT USE IT JUST HOLD IT. then you can return to your home server and use the ticket you bought. Hope this also works for you guys!