I want more casters!

Only one offensive mage at launch :[.

Warrior missing 1
Assasin missing 1
Fighters missing 1
Sharpshooter missing 1
mages missing 2

Why are mages lacking in roster choice? One support and one offensive mage. No Arcana nor Summoner was released alongside with sorc even though we had Summoner in beta, and it felt great/solid,

I understand there are gender choice issues right now, and that this class is in dire need of male counterparts. But the point is that we already have two classes already made and in working condition, yet two were not released =/.

no signs of roadmap – No updates on what’s going to happen with the rest of the missing classes.


How about I want MORE MALE CHOICES?

I want a male scrapper

male soulfist

male shadowhunter

male deathblade

not more female classes like thye are have and are about to releasein Korea-- the lolly painter, the female berzerker, and the female umbrella elementalist.


There is a whole thread of someone asking for something like that. And many more asking for no gender lock or more gender variety.

I want a MALE MAGE CLASS – one of them.

And yeah they could have easily done male priest counterparts for the bard. Or Priest & priestess. With bard being Guitarist for males?
(Necromancer, spiritualist, Medium) the counterpart for the summoner.
Sorcceress - Sorccerrer.
Arcana – Gambit for male.

The point. More mage classes!
and unlike the male counterparts… We already have TWO mages created and on live. One of them being a starter class that was in beta but for some reason not released…

the real travesty is that the devs keep making NEW female only classes as well. The number of female classes greatly outnumbers the male classes.

The when they do add a Male counterpart, they make him WEAKER ( STRIKER/WARDANCER) than his female version.

The same holds true when they took the male deadeye and created his female mirror-- the gunslinger.

The gunslinger is head and shoulders a much better designed, and more powerful character to play.


why bring this to a thread not related to this?

meh cuz all caster inthis game are female

What sucks is we know they did this to milk the releases of updates, they release a class every 1-3 months and add skins and all that, because it clearly isn’t because they couldn’t release them, there is an ulterior motive, and that frustrates me so much man, just sucks my interest out of the game more and more.

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i couldn’t agree more.
I was happy to hear that we were going to get sroc at first when I heard the leaks. That means two offensive casters at launch. But got disappointed to hear it was just a swap =/.

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Sharpshooter is literally a mage.

I mean, he shoots a bow… but he shoots it so slowly he plays like a traditional mage character. Except you can’t just stop casting and dodge. Every skill locks you in animation for so long that if you have aggro you WILL get knocked on your arse.

In addition to that, Lost Ark combat is designed in a very WEIRD way where projectiles don’t exist. The game just takes them as melee attacks or something with larger range - aka if you manage to shoot a projectile, but get knocked down, THE PROJECTILE DISAPPEARS (doesn’t matter you finished shooting it, it’s part of you, you got stunned, hence attack was canceled mid-animation = no damage, just cooldown)

thats an archer different fantasy theme.

The onlyone that can really pass is the Artist – which I am waiting for a swell. I am hoping that the specialist subclass is another set of caster-like subclasses seeing how the artist pretty much feels like one theme wise.

We certainly are missing caster classes please !!

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Don’t worry cuz you will get Arcana next month and Summoner soon after. Also there’s going to be Specialist classes which includes Artist and another DPS type spell caster coming out soon in KR. Specialist class seems to be Mage class 2.0. Except they have tiny bodies.

welp idk about summoner with the BS tied around it.
But at least we got arcana for now…
Who knows when we will get the specialist classes =/.

I am currently waiting for arcana release date to return back to lost ark