I Want More Skins Please! Thank You!

Hi Roxx,
I want to have another skins set for April update please. I think we deserve it. You don’t think only battle pass skin feels off???
Like, really, please have another skin set. Please. I want to have more options in a MMO game.
I create this thread to increase the number of posts about skins, and make you take the feedback more seriously. I hope it works.
Thank you for reading.


If these are the only skins we getting I think I am out. Everyone knows fashion is the true endgame of every mmo and I’m not waiting months and months for them to release one skin at a time, and the worst ones at that

This is still not endgame , so you have to wait. This is the start of end game kekw

See you next year then.

I really want to quit the game because of lacking skins too, but I can’t find any other games to replace it. Sadge…