I want my money back


sorry but Amazon you do not even have a clue how to make a valid game.

German servers are all full by now. Charakter names are unqie (lol) and no rudimentarily acceptable name can be taken.

I want my money back. this is bullshit²

Did you buy Lost Ark straight off Amazon? Why are u asking them for your money lol.

Hope you can get yours. I can’t get a refund directly from Amazon so i’m out $50 considering the game doesn’t want me to play on a server my friends are on.

Thank you AGS for doing what you do best.

It’s insane how Amazon Game Studios can take an incredible game an turn it into a pile of shit. It’s their hidden talent.

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amazon fucked the lost ark nice job amazon nice job

They have already unlocked servers to let people make new characters on crowded servers. US West Mari was one of those locked and just a few hours after the servers came back up they lifted the server lock. It is a temporary thing.

How is that even good?

U may be able to create a character, but you will have to wait the 12k queue haha

I’ll happily wait in aqueue if it means I can play with my friends

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eight hours of queuing are not happy for anyone