I want to change my main, any tips?

Hello guys.

My main is 1325, but I want to change to a different class.

I am now at 563 iLvl on the new class, however, mats are a problem as all mats islands are done for me, tower is almost done and I am basically doing all dailies everyday.

How can I catch up to my main faster and overcome it?

Many thanks!

Just farm and stockpile/sell mats on your old main and slow grind the alt up.

Alts really shouldnt be too bad with the honing research, i already have 2 alts in t2 and 2 more almost there as f2p

Check out 7:49 in the video

You chose a good time to change your main since your 1325 can farm mats and sell for gold. T3 main allows your T2 chars to progress very fast with the 20% increase in honing chance and 20% reduced shard requirements.

There are weekly bags for shards and stones. Infinite Chaos, Pirate Coins and Una Weeklies (even if you have the roster 70 points for the week done) are 3 things people overlook.

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Tower was a good catch up mechanic for me.

Did you use your powerpass?

Keep an eye out for the Argos update.
If those catchup mechanics are coming to NA it’s going to greatly reduce T1 and T2 progression. 100% honing chance 1-15, 2 levels per successful honing (1,3,5,7,9,11) and reduced exp / mats needed.