I want to delete a char, however

I want to delete my sorcy because unfortunately I used powerpass and I want to start from scratch - however I bough a lot of skins and unfortunately i’m not able to pass the skins to my roster bank to use in my new char…

is there any way I can do this?

Aren’t those skins transferrable through Roster Storage? Although they might only be for the same class.

all skins should be roster bound

Recommend you restart a post under #game-support and remove this post.

You do get an achievement for deleting 10 characters.

That’s odd. I just tested my Alar skin and it will go into roster storage. It’s only for use on mage class but I imagine I could put it on my bard. I agree, you might need to post in Support.

Yeah all my skins go into roster storage.

gonna ask the support guys, both sorcy skins aren’t movable to the roster storage… thanks!

So just to be clear, did you buy “skins” or “gear”? When you press “P” is it the “gear” aka armour you want to put in roster or. When you press “P” and lcik “Skins&Virtue” Tab the skins from there?

Its VERY strange that skins wont go to roster cause i have bother bound and tradable platinum skins and they all go into roster storage. BUT my “GEAR/Armour” obviously wont because that is character bound.

Skins. Bough them direct from the game store, not ah\market. And yes a bit weird because I can move my platinum skins without any issues aswell…

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