I want to keep playing but the game doesn't want me to

I love this game. I just flat out love playing the game so much to the point my friends say I’m addicted (which I will deny because I still play it less than I played league). The issue is that I have to sit in a 8-10k queue every day and if the game decides to freak out and disconnect me I have to do it all over again. Not to mention I’ve missed 4 wei’s due to this bullshit. Yes, that one card that if you’re lucky spawns once a week. In fact I was actually in-game during one of the wei spawns, but as I was trying to load into a zone the game decides to give me the infinite loading screen which meant I would have to restart the game and get into the 2 hour queue again. Fan-fucking-tastic. This game is fun and I’ve been keeping up with the latest content as “f2p” (I spent $300 on cosmetics, name change tickets, and basically anything other than mats), but now I don’t even get to play.