I want to like this game

The gsme itself was good fun; i am enjoying the diablo-esque mmo vibe.
I am even cool with the inability to get all my friends on the same server.

But i told my friends…and thn had to sit throug 6+ hours of login queues. in the end i just opted to play on the NA east servers which seemed better. Yet EU play…hard to recommend my friends if they can’t join my server and any other server had a 6 hour queue.

I enjoy the game…on us servers…but i feel like an idiot for recommending it to my EU friends. it’s fun…but not 6 hours of queue fun.

And if you do get in. after 6 hours…the lack if a language tag means you just spend 6 hours to wait to get into a 90%french/german/spanish speaking server.

so yeah, US servers are my personal go to right now. less queue’s even during prime time,less language issues too. US mmo launch 7/10. EU mmo launch 3/10. And i am not even deducting points for the launch at 5 pm which got delayed by 5 hours;. that was quite crappy timing but ok, sure, a 1 time delay.

But i don’t see how you expect me to play your game if i have to wait for 6 hours minimum just to get in. I know it ain’t easy but maybe look on amazon.com for some books on agile server capacity

How big are the queues you’re in? I was in a 7k queue last night and it only took me about 20 minutes to get into the game. I just watched a YouTube video and posted on the forums while I waited. There are threads that have a breakdown showing which servers have a high population of languages spoken. While I agree, it would be nice to have a language tag in the game itself, there are resources available that you can look to before you commit to a decision.

They are trying to increase server capacity.
Latest tweet on the issue about an hour ago.