I want to make a petition for Maoke Omnium star

I’m farming or trying to at least for the past 3 months the Omnium star from Maoke, I have ~15-20 Papu crabs and what not other drops that it gives already … however 0 omnium stars, and its ridiculous at 1460 Ilvl to still be stuck on farming that raid instead of Thunderwing just so i can get the 6th Omnium star and get the SKILL POTION so i can get my skills upgraded…

I want to make a petition… Make an NPC…that you can exchange popu crab for the omnium star … idk…10…15 papu crabs for the 1 omnium star that maoke gives … please…it is ridiculous at this point already.

Please…do something about this… progression based on RNG is TERRIBLE! if i work hard on it at some point i should get a " pitty " like at honing …cmon … :frowning: @Roxx can you please bring this up in discussions? i’m 10000% sure, i’m not the only one in this situation

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Would say why haven’t you been getting the omnium star of the other thing your missing as well if you only have 5. Theres 7 stars so you have 2 options instead of JUST moake.

Unless if your already doing that as well then NM :P.

Come on dude, I´m farming this star too as 1460, that is jsut how RNG works. If you are already done because of this omnioum star, then you won´t have fun with the other collectibles in the game ^^

second try lol

i’m farming it each week as i get keys, however so far no luck, but that doesnt hurt my actual progress, meaning i need to do still MAOKE boss instead of THUNDERWING … in 1-2-3 months maybe there will be another world boss around and i’m still going to be on MAOKE … its just stupid :frowning:

Crying about rng … :rofl:

i got the star today… :crazy_face:

i’m already done with mosth of the collectibles, its not about that, its about the skill potion … and i dont want to be stuck on maoke forever, while there is newer content there and continue to come

Bro that is what RNG is about, some get it fast some like us need to wait months. That is how it is, to ask for an exchanger now because you don´t have the luck is the wrong way.

these are my collectibles…i love the grinds…but RNG progression ( skill point ) is just bad… as at lvl 60 ( currently 59 ) i will miss 1 lvl on a skill, that bad part is that i’m forced on staying and farming maoke instead of thunderwings for better possible loot

or at least let me kill maoke multiple times / day and have a chance to get the OMNIUM STAR ONLY ( not other drops )
even that is OK

Oh okay, so you are also pretty far in collectibles just as me. You should know now how many of those collectibles are RNG, Especially the omnium stars. I guess you are missing the moake star and the south vern chaos line star, just as me. But just like honing, theyx wont buff those chances and won´t start elimianting the RNG. If you start to argue to getr more chances at moake or get an exchanger, why not do the same the the daily changing islands or the timed ones. I did alakkir over 50 times now, no soul. Just accept the RNG, that is the core principle of this game.

Moake ~

the daily island souls are optional, you don’t " need " it for say, to have a " maxed " out character its an optional thing, but the skill potion is a must, so you do best damage your class can do for different activities. thats the point here, i couldnt care less if i didnt get the omnium star if that skill potion wouldn’t be locked behind that 6/7 reward … i’d come back to it at some point …maybe to complete that section of collectables also … I’m fine by grinding, its okay and good to have RNG for things, but the only thing i’m making the petition for is that it is for the RNG of progression … i couldnt care less for the honing buffs…after 100 tries…i’ll get the hone, i’m fine with it , but with this, after 100 tries, i can still not have it with bad luck, thats the point.

I got alakkir just yesterday…

Isn’t it a 50/50 chance that you either get it or don’t? I got it on my 2nd try so I can confirm with very reliable empirical experiencing that this is how it is :slight_smile:

i got it first try :joy:

Fun? :rofl:

Moake Star was easy. About 10 kills, but i´m trying to get anguished isle and chaosline stars since they came out. No chance. I got the island soul in anguished in the first week, but star? shop is empty since weeks there.

It´s so much time wasted.

but at least that is a daily clear, maoke is 3 times a week … and you do not lock yourself out of other rewards for world bosses :frowning:


I personally think without having the issue it is a great idea.

In Final Fantasy 14 i also farmed an Extreme Boss for a Mount and after 99 times receiving a Token I was able to get the Mount. It at least gave the confidence as it does with the Artisan that at some point you have a guaranteed success and some progression.

lol… and i want the wispering island (since start no drop) token and unknown island(100+ trys)…