I want to move my powerpass from Arcturos to Kazeros

I got a powerpass on the Arcturos server, where i manually leveled 2 characters to level 50 (until then i didnt know about powerpass) and got 1 powerpass

released character creation on the Kazeros server where it is the favorite of Brazilians and I didn’t think twice about abandoning the old one and entering Kazeros
main menu

I upgraded a character to level 50 and received a powerpass, I researched a little and saw that you get another one as soon as you use the first one, so I used it, but I didn’t receive the second one

So since two days ago I’ve been researching about it and I read that you can only have 2 powerpass per region and not per server, and that it can’t be used between servers (very strange this part) so I want to move the powerpass of the server that I won’t enter anymore, what do i plan to keep playing for

but being very honest, I just wanted to leave my characters at level 50 on the server that I believe has the most durability, and I’m not so excited to replay the campaign one more time in addition to the other three
timer 2

The character who didn’t get the second powerpass after using the first one:

  1. Character Name: Lilyac
  2. Class/Level: Shadowhunter lv. 50
  3. Server/World: South America - Kazeros
  4. A Screenshot of your in-game inventory:

the character I plan to transfer my unusable powerpass from:

  1. Character Name: Vectisl
  2. Class/Level: Shadowhunter lv. 50
  3. Server/World: South America - Arcturos
  4. A Screenshot of your in-game inventory:

Greetings @VectisL

I do appreciate the time taken to make this request and I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had within your play-through.

Unfortunately neither you nor us are able to transfer/move powerpass tickets through servers.
You may wonder why? The game was simply developed, designed or shaped that way.

I’m sorry for all type of inconveniences and problems this issue may caused you without mention the bad experience you have gone through trying to run or play the game

Regarding the powerpass is gone, this issues is already addressed.

I hope this information granted has been provided you gives a great and helpful insight.

:spades: JWarlock :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: