I want to share my thoughts

I don’t want to turn this post into a negative one and for that i will try really hard to explain my whole Lost Ark experience as a really long time mmorpg player and point out what is going on wrong in my opinion.


Just to be noted, i’m already at t3 and i have multiple chars ready to hit T3 as soon as honing changes arrive(They are currently parked at mid T2 so my problem is not with being stuck or whatever).

So, i’m not even sure from where to start but what i realised after investing so many hours both in game and in the community, the communication problem is not only between us players and AGS but it’s also between AGS and SGR as i can “assume” since they are not sure about what they are doing at this point.

Biggest problems from my perspective:

-Lack of transparency: The real problem is here that whoever is at charge(AGS or SGR) they are trying to invent a wheel in a different way, the game is already out since 3 years and they already found a good formula to make the game successful(in KR) but instead of doing the same here, they are trying to literally invent the wheel again(they are experimenting on us with our Western version for whatever reason they have).

-We are the only region who hasn’t got any QoL updates and literally playing the 1.0 version of the game in terms of QoL features(i know i’m exaggerating here since we have some features but they are holding content so much back that us Western Players won’t tolerate this while knowing the truth, yeah this is how we are and there is nothing wrong wanting a better experience.

  • So many bugs
  • So many un reverted exploits,
  • So many unfixed server problems that still going on even today,
  • Players getting banned for buying marketplace items from chargeback scammers.
  • 0 Real communication the moment you get banned, a player literally had to send more than 60 tickets and waste so many days just to get his account unbanned due to unfair bans of automated ban system which is so archaic.

This is not your generic “this game will die” post because i’m already over with this.

This post is for both AGS and SGR, Western Community is so unforgiving when it comes to not “giving shit about your playerbase”(pardon my language here) and it tends to blacklist you in a really short time(which i also think is right thing to do). I think AGS already has a big experience in what i said with New World.

This game has a really nice potential, but two wrongs don’t a make right.

It’s really hard to build your reputation but it’s so easy to destroy it in a mere time.

If you read this till the end, thank you for your time and i would like to hear your opinions and please keep the topic friendly.