I wanted to hear people's opinions about my construction if there are any tips it would be nice!

Here’s my construction👆

I’m checking it

i think the forums kinda slow, here’s his ‘construction’

and i think

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yea I see it now, I’m gonna delete the first post

I wouldn’t really recommend Grudge unless you are extremely mechanically good and not dying.
But since I’m bad, I would swap Grudge with Raid Captain.

As a fellow mayhem zerk, this post makes me drool

I think that is the best set for Mayhem zerk rn LOL, either with grudge or with raid captain.

The second part-:point_up_2:

I did not die much I was able to survive with this ability

Yeah I would definitely swap grudge with raid captain, since it gives almost the same amount of dmg but with no down side. I’m all for it. But if you are a high risk higher reward kind of player, Grudge will do you good, albeit you don’t have floor pov

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Then you should be fine with this kind of set up, one good thing about mayhem zerk is the build is pretty straight forward, unlike something like reflux sorc

I can switch to a captain I have enough speed maybe I will check by damage numbers because I want to do as much as possible

Grudge will definitely do more dmg than Raid Captain for sure. If you want to mix max thing, go with 2 set ups, one with grudge and the other with RC. For slow bosses like turtle, Grudge to maximize dmg, and if the bosses are like velganos, RC can help you clear a bit easier with higher survival rate.

Like Grudge with valtan, and then RC for vykas. Or RC for latest release legion raid pugging and then Grudge when you are good mechanically.

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Okay thank you

Okay that’s the engraving what about your stats? Is it the right crit / swiftness or full of Dom/expertise?
Edit: just saw your stats build… pretty good :+1:

Next check is the gems, triport and lastly card (less important)

i got baited i thought it was strong hold related post smh

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Yes it came up later a problem in the forum lol

If they had a stronghold related post, they would go ask CyFy on Twitter LOL


Accurate :rofl:

I feel you bro, I wanted a visit a a cool SH and ended up with a guy posting his typical build everyone plays just to show off his 5x3 good stat char xD

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I’m more in favor of tips because there are some types of engravings that can be added that there is damage I did not upload it for Tzumi

too much crit, get a minimum of 800 swift the rest crit