I was for the nerf but after reading it, I must be against

I really thought nerfing the T1/T2 content was really healthy for the game if it was only about HP and few things about raid guardians or abyssal dungeons but I was really taken aback when I read this patch.
There is a big difference between nerfing HP (because we had a buff after the beta for early content which was a big mistake by the way) and changing bosses’ gimmicks.
I can understand that new players are unhappy about the current situation in the game and it might be difficult to clear some contents but let’s be realistic here.
What are new players learning to clear T3? Cry and then they will change some core mecanics?
That’s not how new players will understand mecanics.
Lost Ark is sucessful because it is a game where you feel rewarded for clearing hard content.


Told everyone who said “oh they will only nerf % hp” that that wont be the case cuz that wont get players past these bossfights, the fights difficulty isnt in how much hp it has, but the fact that people die to the mechanics so they will remove them

watch them do the same to t3


The funniest part is that of all the guardians, only fire fox had his health lowered. Like, what? GG Amazon.


Well I mean the HP buff was debunked wasn’t it? There is no need to lower there HP.

i hope they nerf more content for the simple fact that it will cause an entire forum meltdown. lots of individuals on here who need to seek therapy or even better, stand in the sun for 5 minutes.

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No, it wasn’t debunked.

We have the same HP on bosses as Korea and RU has

Wait yes it was. We have the same hp as other regions.

Why is it when people want something to be left as is cause it’s very beatable, we have to stand in sun. But the people who cry and moan about it being too hard and do nothing to solve it besides complain don’t?

Games exist to do different things. Content in this game exists to do different things.

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games exist to be fun. end of discussion. if you can beat the content, and you have a mental breakdown because the devs decided to make it easier for others, yes, you need to go outside.

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If you have a mental breakdown cause you can’t the same applies. Fun is subjective.

who had a mental breakdown because it was too hard? no one, they just quit and go play something that is fun, and devs dont want that. if you already beat the content, and it gets easier, why do you care? because now those filthy noobz can now beat the same thing you can, and your pride and ego takes a blow because yes again, you need to go outside.

I don’t care about them nerfing content. I care about the flood of people spamming for nerfs when they don’t even take the time to learn something that is meant to be learned and learning it is part of the fun of that aspect of the game.

You are making assumptions at me that are based in your own head and not reality.

Edit - I care if they nerf end game for reasons they nerfed T1 and T2. To be clear.

Edit 2 - Should every bit of content in this game be as easy as Chaos dungeons?

Yeah. ALL regions had the hp buff. People thought it was just NA/EU

It indeed was debunked. Whether you choose to believe it or not if you search a bit you will find it I’m sure of it.

yes you do care, its why youre crying about it on the forums. go outside

You are assuming I’m crying, again putting your own assumptions onto me. If you can’t do something, why don’t you figure out why instead of complaining?

Edit - You deflect and bring me down in your remarks solely to make yourself feel bigger. It’s kinda sad and I think you yourself should go outside instead of playing this game.

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Man i only wanted HP nerfs as i never found them hard, they just felt dragged out.
Guess thats not changing…

im already in T3, im way past the content, which is why i dont care if it is nerfed. i dont need to make myself “bigger” i already am, because im not the one having a mental breakdown like you karens because other players can now enjoy them game.

theres no deflection. its direct observation. i have you figured out completely.

Already T3 ? Maybe you should go out a bit man .