I was going to uninstall, changed my mind, lots of fun

At first, I was a bit turned off by not having WASD and considered uninstalling. I even tried ReWASD, but it felt clunky. After playing with the controls, auto-run mapped to my programmable mouse, I am just using the mouse cursor to target. Glad that I stayed in, because the game looks beautiful and I am having a lot of fun.

you also realize you can hold right mouse to move right? Don’t have to constantly left click.

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Thanks. Ya, I prefer to toggle autorun with the RMB. That way I don’t have to hold it down.

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I’m guessing you dont play on EU Central

North America: East

Yeah I’m sure the game is fun if you dont have 10k queues starting at 1PM and group-instances matchmaking not working from 3PM to 2AM :smiley:

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