I was hacked? I can't enter the game and stronghold crashing the game

today i played normally in the morning i did two missions daily and i went to my stronghold which was renamed to “nameless territory” and my game closed, i relogged twice, i tried to go to stronghold and the same problem, after three attempts i could not get past the screen server, which presented “unknown error” and closed the game, I repaired the game twice, restarted the internet and the computer and nothing, in my last attempt this appeared, I do not share my steam account with anyone else. any solution i can look for?

char: xvidross
region: south america
server: Arcturus

edit1: now I can login but I have two characters including my main that I can’t play because they are in my stronghold and the game crashes when I try to log into them

edit2: Erro OPELPWP1F2NT

Hope this helps.