I was in an Argos raid and we were attempting phase 2 we lost our entry and got no loot

The affected people are
NA East Avesta - Trade
NA East Avesta - Kaggy
NA East Azena - Floras
NA East Avesta - Darkhobo (me)
NA East Regulus - Dapster
NA East Una - Blooo
NA East Avesta - Opheliä
NA East Avesta - Bluntzrus

i was in alaric sanctuary and then the maintenance hit and lose my entry

Good luck next week when it may or may not crash again.

When you play this version of lost ark, not only is there rng honing, there is rng in whether maintenance will happen and ruin your entry count for the day/week. Enjoy your stay :upside_down_face:

I am so sorry about this, please add your information to this list:

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