I was inside abyssal dungeon while maintenance happend and now im locked out

As title says, any way around this or do i just simply have to wait until reset?

If possible to revert
Server: Trixion
Nick: Lindapira

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Hi we had same issue two days ago you should have a pass in post to enter again. Maybe it will cone with delay. If not i guess the smilegate support is overloaded right now so not sure if you get an answer before reset.

Alright, lets hope for the best i guess. Thanks for reply,

Update: After hotfix 2hr thingy, still nothing has changed and im still locked to the abyssal and yeah i guess im just 1 week behind from your maintanence dc wich wasnt even supposed to be for the server im playing on. Might just call it a quits here if this dosnt get changed or fixed before reset.

This is something we’re aware of and that has been flagged. I will let you know if there is a resolution I can share.

Apriciated, lets hold our thumbs as im used to say…

Same issue but in:

Server: Thirain
Character: Ged

Exactly same thing happened, got booted out before we even got to start and now any of us don’t have an entry any more. No ticket in the mail either.

Same thing happened to us, we were doing tier 4 last dung and we were ported out and that count towards the weekly limit even though we didn’t kill the boss or get loot. is there a fix yet or?

Server: Calvasus
Character: Minwara

Same here.

Server: Azena
Character: Drowninglive


there is only one day left before abyss reset so are we getting a solution before the reset? or rip our access for this week?

hope so… otherwise all the time spent to reach tier 4 would have been for nothing lol

Same for me, lost my abyssal dungeon ticket even though my server was not restarted.
Central Europe
Server: Neria
Character: Borkos

I don’t want to lose one week of progress because of this, please do something about it :frowning:

Same here

Server: Trixion
Nick: Mifty

Same here

Server: Zinnervale
Nick: Poxnora

Same here

IGN: Ins

It’s actually horrible if we don’t get it resolved or any compensation because of this. We were kicked when we had the third boss on half hp which is so sad and annoying. Considering this is a major dungeon not being able to finish in this reset, this is a huge issue for people pushing for ilevels.

Just happend to me aswell. Server are unplayable. Groupfinder killed my ID.

Server: Slen
Character: Yewa
Abyss Dungeon: Sea of Indolence

Why is there no Ingame Support for Problems like this?

Don’t ask for a reset or they will make a cash shop item to reset the limit and we and everyone don’t want another pay to win item in shop. Reasoning for this is thats the easiest way to resolve this issue.

Same here
Server: Trixion
Character: Opasna

Problem is that its holding back our tier2 progression and severy slows us down reaching tier 3 and the reset is tomorrow aswell…