I was sick and missed the founder's claim by hours

They need to cut off at some point sadly.


so i went into dev tracker and i saw roxx said they were extending it and gave no date.

Any reimbursement for unused pack on server no longer playing? - #2 by Shiveria for exact text that i found.

i hope it is still the case.

Question, I had redeemed it earlier on the wrong server but was not aware of this refund until last night. Did we have to do something specific in other for the refund or Is my founder pack just gone to waste?

have to redeem the pack from product inventory by a certain time.

However it seems it has been extended. To when i got no clue. @Roxx can we get some clarification please?

You cant even launch the game so not able to use your pack anyway lol

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We are extending this – I don’t have the exact new timing, but we are extending the window to make sure more folks can get this without stress


Any news on when the replacement packs are going out though? People took the advice to switch servers with the promise that they would get it but it’s now 5 days later…

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I hope so because this has been so frustrating for me…
What can I do to not miss it? I’m staying online in case it appears in my product inventory but it hasnt…

I never get second pack. And i redeemed my package first day at launch.


Is it just redeeming the product on a character or do you to do something else through steam or something? Sorry I’m just not clear on the steps

These have not been granted yet.


Just have to collect it out of your Product Inventory, currently


I Had already redeemed it on the 10th believing there would be server transfers. Am I still eligible?

Any update on when they will be granted? :o

Ive opened the original pack on trixion and created another char on my friends server kadar after i got the chance to, no refunds or items have been granted, yet. The only redeemables are the twitch drops.

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there is a lot of misinformation can you clear this, when i early acces abd login game i claimed packs which in Product Inventory. Now packs in my inventory. I wasnt choose which class should i main, soo i dont open them .My friends are on new opened server. People say i cant get second founder pack because i dont open them. But problem is they are already in inventory and get carry them.

Hey Roxx, just for some clarification. In the case we stacked founders packs (Gold + Plat) with both be given? Also, will there be a formal announcement once the packs have been granted so there is no confusion?


Hello, When are the founders packs going to be claim-able? I redeemed mine on Avesta on the 8th during headstart and had to swap to Sasha since launch because of character creation limits. Still waiting for when its going to be granted

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I claimed the founder pack mount on day 1 and I never see the founder token?

There is no timeline yet for the second packs.