I was told I wont be able to reach 1445 for Valtan release

As I have been selling all tradeable GHL’s and also upping my alts to 1370. Jokes on them in past month I made over 120k just purely from selling the GHL’s that Yoho was bringing. Actually feels pretty good to prove those guys wrong while making good gold.


i started selling the tradeable GHL too. but it’ll take some time for me to get a few more to T3 Sadge.

Doesn’t make sense. If you sell you GHLs then what do you hone with? Hopes and dreams?


I used all possible ways to obtain bound GHL’s (dismantling Argos blood etc.). Last 2 upgrades I got via Hard Mode Chaos line vendor that gave 200 GHL’s.

You gotta be botting. Or you don’t have a job. This is not realistic


1200h played and counting. I have pretty much played all my free time.

Plenty of F2Ps/dolphins (spent <$200) reached 1445. People who think it’s unrealistic just have no clue how efficient you can be.


Touch the grass man, seriously. You probably play like 12 hours + every day. You will ruin your brain with this lifestyle lol. I started as a founder and I don’t even have 1415 on my main yet…


So the latter. You can’t play 12 hours a day on average and be employed. Idk i find it more believable that you used a chaos bot because who in their right mind would play this game that much. Tell me you’re a streamer at least


It’s not about the 1445, it’s about the 6 other 1370s. It’s too much

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1200h with 6 1370 seems right for me unless someone just afk in game for 50 mins and let their char take one step
but the question is when did the OP started playing?

I do afk quite alot, doing daily chores takes like 3h each day.

I started playing on early release as I got Gold founders pack and Ark Pass Premium if you are wondering how much as I have spend.

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this is not a “hah i showed them” you think it is. When someone says you cant do it they mean you cant do it with an average luck.
ofcourse there is multiple other ways you could do it aswell beside luck like botting or swiping.

I have 1448 main with +20 weapon, 1385 alt and 1370 on Argos, 1348 and 1310 alts doing Lopang with 835 hours played. Only thing I’ve bought is Plat Founder’s Pack for CSGO skins + 20 euros extra and the Royal Crystals I spent from it were on Ark Pass Premium that isn’t SUPER and 2 pieces of transmog so I can actually see the +20 glow on Deathblade without cape covering it up.

Although that’s not quite 1445 AND 6x 1370 but also 300+ less hours played.

Also if someone doesn’t believe on the weapon.

+16 3tap
+17 1tap
+18 1tap
+19 1tap
+20 13.95% Artisan so like 5-6tap.

Almost every hit on weapon past 15 was fully juiced.

Also just got Legendary Galewind rune from 3rd run on Deskaluda so my luck has been more than criminal.

I was 1430 yesterday and to go to 1447.5 I used like 6K Destruction Stones from 19 to 20 weapon and then around 24000 Guardian Stones and 835 or so Bound Great Leapstones in total. I had 1100 Bound Great Leapstones cause I hadn’t been honing for like 2 weeks hoarding everything to see if it’s worth selling as I don’t really care about Hard Valtan cause I’ll need 2p from Legendary Valtan set anyways.

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Roster lvl 131 with 6 1370 alts and a 1448 main = botting. Almost zero chance he isnt using a chaos dungeon script. You do not get enough bound ghl to do what you said you did. We all play the same game. He’s using a pixel bot


That’s not free time, that’s a job lol

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Roster level doesn’t say shit, I’ve 3 1340+, 1 1400 and 1 1428 and I’m roster level 104.
it just says that I haven’t collected all the mokokos out there yet.
Don’t be silly.

Btw, 2 of my 1340 have nearly enough bound leapstones to get them to 1370, but no guardian stones and destruction stones left, sadly.

So you’re getting 550 bound leapstones a week? Embellish much?

Well if all these alts were parked at 1340 you would be 1490 in your main.

Still a scrub but well done

Roster level does say something. I have just over 800 hours and my roster lvl is 147. This guy is using a pixel bot to farm infinite chaos. It’s obvious.

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