I wish one day you will think about the players first and not the bots

Feiton rapports were giving atleast 4k gold to help newbies out > delete them from the game and give useless silver instead. screw the new players

Quests that gives gold in the “main story” and early upgrades and stronghold > remove these from the game bots will utilize them. screw new players

Guardian raid event gems > delete them the bots sell them (though you replaced them with good rewards i will give you that) but still my point stands

And now you block the usage of vpns and still keep screwing the playerbase for your poor descisions to actually do something usefull against the bots… EX: get a better anti cheat that actually works? I know it sounds like a crazy idea right? who the heck still uses easy anti cheat in 2022 for god sake man…

And i literally just logged of the game and there were atleast 150 bots in north vern only but yeah "its all to fight the bots guys :slight_smile: "

I’m really really sad because the game is actually one of the best mmos i have ever played but you really want to kill it so badly for some reason idk why…


Best post I’ve seen on the forums since the game released. Unfortunately getting an anti cheat that works is out of Amazon’s budget range so they’d rather pay a worker 10 dollars to change some game coding instead and ruin our experience

They arent gonna know the effect of this until maintenance. Some bots are logged in 24/7 they never log out. Maintenance will force the bots to log out. And this stop will the bots from logging back in.

If their solution affects < 1% of the players, but prevents ~30% of the bots… it’s a great tradeoff considering all the other positives of less bots. And it probably affects far more than 30% of the bots.

Just go to the starting area now. You’ll see tons of new berserkers popping in. Your statement about maintenance is just false.

For what do you need 4K gold in t2 content ? You re anyway not buying legendary engraving books or t3 accs.

You re probably faster leaving to t3 and making a good amount of gold then getting gold through rapports