I Wish the Frog Never Existed

3700 hours played. Hundreds spent. I love Lost Ark. I was so excited for Wednesday’s patch and loving the game. I have played every day since launch.

Then the frog situation happened. I can’t explain why. All I can do is tell my feelings. I haven’t been able to play since. Whenever I think about Lost Ark it makes me so upset. I haven’t done anything in the game since the frog situation. I had hope they would realise the only fair solution (leave the chests roster bound this week) and do it, but then they updated their “solution” into its current state which doesn’t solve the unfairness. It just made me more upset to read it. I know this is stupid and something is probably wrong with me… but what can I say. It is what it is and I can’t play the game now.

This is a competitive game. Why do you think people whale in this game? To not do the most damage? It is a competitive game in its core. I can handle other players trying to cheat or 3rd party RMT cheaters, but when the game developer themselves are the ones giving other players an advantage it really annoys me.

I know I would be happily playing the game still if the frog never existed or the boxes were character bound from the start. It was 100% the mistake AGS/SG made and their unfair solution that caused me to feel this way towards the game.

Anyways GL in Lost Ark. I’ll cya all when Diablo 4 comes out.


I think I’ll be joining you. I have around spent 5gz this year on this game. People got more juice than i bought for a fraction of what i spent. Bought almost every skin that came out. Resubbing to ff14. Their players actually loves the people who run it. xD


Sure it´s their fault and they probably should have left it this week.
But since this was to Gamebreaking they had to adjust it or all ppl with less chars will be complaining in the forums on how unfair it is, so 1st. You can`t please anyone. 2nd if that made u quit u were just looking for a reason to quit anyway. 3rd this isn´t a competitive game setting cause pvp content is mostly balanced and irrelevant anyway. And even if you argue it´s competitive, you said you have no problem with RMT (literally millions of botted/unfair gold) but you get a big issue if some ppl get a fraction of that through a mistake of ags(and I bet u wouldn´t care if you profited of it). Good advice take a step back and start having fun playing games again.
(sidenote I didn´t profit of it)


I opened 12 characters of chests on a single char , its pretty crazy they decided to fix it the way they did. I deff feel like i got a pass to cheat , but none of us knew until they were locked , and for anyone wondering ended the week with 11 gold frog coins

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Bye, you are only upset because you couldn’t exploited it like other that is all. It only unfair because you didn’t get it !!! Again and again you been complaining the same point over and over in multiple post

The fact you feel so bad that other got free stuff that you mald so far to quit.

It is what it is don’t have to announce your departure.


I’m not gonna lie, I’m sharing this same sentiment right now

In a game where you can see someone get 1490 with full level 10 gems and LoS 30 and other crap because they paid a lot of money into to get it

In a game where people have an army of characters to farm mats and sell to get their characters ahead

This whole thing is just a god damn small ass drop in the bucket of what actually happens, especially given how much third party RMT has made its rounds as well

OP, if this is your final straw, cool, great have fun in Diablo 4

But if I’m being honest this 100% screams “I didn’t get to take advantage of this and others did so it’s unfair and I’m gonna quit” post

Guess what, I didn’t get to take advantage of it either, and you know what the lesson learned is?





One third of the market price is not such a huge discount. Even less now since it went down. Also most players don’t even hone with tradeable mats.


Wow that seems unlucky. I got 1 coin per character in 6 characters. Then the guaranteed 6 from legendary engraving boxes.

Don’t worry, LA is just Diablo 4, PoE 2 waiting room anyway. See you there :handshake:

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I didn’t really catch up on this whole thing, is it that they get to buy 10 of those boxes PER CHARACTER, or 10 boxes PER ROSTER ? If it’s 10 per roster who gives a shit, even if it is roster bound 10 boxes mean jack shit anyway why are they locking people out ?

I Swear to god, some of you are so sensitive.

This is a competitive game, yes but honing is RNG as hell.

A F2P might get lucky and upgrade the gear you wasted 1k Euros on. ANd you complain about a little fk up they did with an event box ? (That, by the way, they removied within 1 day and took action immediately).

It was an accident. The % of people who got an “advantage” is extremely small. Please do the maths before you get so angry.

Not really,

This is the most egotistical answer i’ve heard. If you really “cared” about the game, you would see immediately how market-breaking these boxes are for the economy and how unfair they are for everyone who had to lvl up alts / main without hose boxes in the first place.

Passive-aggressive comments like “Cya im off to DIablo 4” Are just giving away everything imo.
all the salt and the hyprocircy on some people.

Many of you just wait for an excuse to drop the game and have your “grand” finale with a wall here in the forums to feel special

Enjoy your 1hour spotlight. Well done.


People with multple chracters could buy 10 boxes on each character and then save them on their roster storage.

Their intention was to save up hundreds of these boxes and use them all when Artist released to hone them up at an extremely cheap price.

But yeah, it’s not that big of a deal, it went on for literally 1 day, and the only people who somewhat made some value out of those were people with 10+ Characters on their roster.

People are just overreacting as usual and they wait for an excuse to non-stop shittalk.


so you want to jump from LoA to a game (Diablo IV) that is monetized just as disgustingly as Diablo Immortal? PoE2 can be good but wont be released before winter 2023

Gz for throwing away this awesome game. You will regret your decision.

in my opinion i think ags is worse than what blizzard did with wow. Not once in 18 yrs have they made a decision to give selective people this advantage. Then tell everyone else to screw off since they were not able to take advantage of it. I got away from wow into playing this game. ff14 has a healthy community, and their staff actually cares.

So I rob a bank that opened up with no employees and security and I just walked in and take millions and escape justice and you witness that all and you are pissed you didn’t have the balls or time to do the same …
Some one exploits the opportunity and some one don’t … that’s life mate …

So that’s the reason behind that annoying notice in the left bottom corner from witch I cant click on my roster-combat exp bar .
Move that shit to from mid top to the right corner of the UI, there’s a nice spot for that damn notice that don’t get on my nerves :smiley:

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I dont know why people are mad about this. You can literally just buy mats off the auction house and juice 1 character, the frog just made it at a slightly better deal when mats were rosterbound

Not a big deal, you can still buy mats from AH which have gone way cheaper now

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I guess maybe because Blizzard is the developer AND the publisher of the game?

Im not saying it’s okey to make mistakes, but you do realise how much harder it is to NOT make those mistakes when the game has so many flows of communication and interaction.

Also, Blizzard has done worse things on matters of human nature :slight_smile: . Let’s not go there now shall we?


is this a ‘i quit’ or ‘i threaten to quit’ thread?

Unintended exploit happened and they put a stop to it as soon as they realized what’s going on. I don’t know if you ever worked a day of your life but a company will not let every single person use an exploit just so that “it’s fair for everyone”. “It’s only fair” mentality loses them money whether we like it or not, they will not put their own profits in risk to satisfy people who couldn’t abuse it on time.

(I call it exploit but when shop went live, obviously players didn’t know it was unintended, so they unknowingly abused it, but once they said it’s unintended it became an exploit)

I am just being realistic here, not saying that I wouldn’t like all mats from 9 of my characters funneled into one, but it is not realistic of me to expect that they won’t fix it immediately. If someone next to you finds a $100 bill on the street that does not mean you lost a $100, what kind of logic is that. If a thing like this gets to you then you honestly shouldn’t be playing any games at all, games are supposed to be played for fun.

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