I wll tell my friends to play on EUC

I will keep tell my friends to start on EUC to clog up the server even more until you make the twitch rewards/celebration gifts and preorder pack once per region, I dont own the pre-order but for those who do should be able to move to EUW and keep their purchased stuff, just make it non trade able.

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not sure if the care although nice try :slight_smile:

I know, but I hope they will get desperate enough to make it once per region, it wouldn’t hurt anyone and it would be good for everyone, I would switch to EUW if they did this.

I dont care about my progression, I just want my twitch drops and celebration gift on EUW,

if they did this alot more people would switch too EUW and the EUC would be better for those who stay. its a win-win situation.