I wonder about the percentage of t3 players in Kadan

As the title says. I reached 1330 GS today, and I just wandered* few channels in Punika-Kadan for few minutes. The player count is really low compared to Vern so I asked few guys what did they think about the percentage of T3 Players in Kadan. Some of them said it might be around %10 and others were nearly sure about it is less than %10. Do you guys have any idea? Or do we have any exact number to be sure? Just wanted to know.


I got the 1300ilvl achiev today. According to Steam this achiev have 0,5% of playerbase. So I guess that 1330ilvl could be even less than 1% at Kadan:)

ehm ok , come to punika at 11 am when the reset happens

its crowded as hell

we just log onto our alts after we did 2x guardians and 2x chaos at this point

edit: i hope u understand that u need as many alts in t3 as possible to be able to progress in a fair amount of time later