I wonder how Smilegate feels

Seeing their game bombed via negative reviews on steam not because game sucks but all that issues with servers in EU due bad managment

i leave a positive review stating if u pass the issues we currently facing the game is actually enjoying to play


I hope Smilegate gets some kind of compensation. And then maybe AGS can compensate the players too. But I’m guessing they won’t do either.

I really hope Smilegate knows that we love their game (mostly, there are bad parts, but way more good parts) and are just disgusted with how AGS are handling it.

I left a negative review explicitly mentioning that it is due to AGS’ mishandling of the game.

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Review bombs are just that, this time around there were people on the official forums and reddit, as well as steam forums, telling people to just leave negative reviews because “THEY” had issues, it’s a herd mentality problem and most people look past it. I know I sure have, and every person I know who got into the game has.

I actually primarily look at the percentage positive reviews on Steam when considering whether to play a game.

And I left a negative review. Even though I’m still playing the game. Probably won’t change it if they fix things either. Because I’ve already forgotten it by then.

I reckon smiley be rubbing his corns with wads of cash at this time

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