I wonder if AGS higher ups are aware of the staggering amount of money they are losing to RMT

Literally 100s of millions of gold every week, bought from RMT, just from the marketplace in a single region

To put it in perspective, 100 million gold, bought through royal crystals at a rate of 238 royal crystals for 500 gold (a reasonable rate, I think, for the current state of the game without bot-induced inflation) would amount to 450-500k+

That’s money that AGS is not getting, because it’s going to the bots, instead.


The sooner you understand that the likelihood of SMG running the bots themselves is almost 100% the more this whole situation will make more sense.


You are not sure they are losing :slight_smile: you know how they are with profits since day 1. So the moment we realize they don’t care about this issue means?

You do know that it makes no sense for them to be running the bot themselves, right?

What makes more sense? A multibillion dollar company is running bot farms for their own game, harming the in-game sales, getting less money overall…


People in countries where the dollar is worth more are botting and making a lot of money?

It makes perfect sense. And with top brass backing away from the project it only makes even more sense for them to be cashing out. If you honestly think it’s some poor kids in a third world country running this massive of a bot farm then you’re just outside of reality. This is a highly coordinating thing with resources.

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It makes perfect sense to me. AGS published the game and probably gets a percentage of what people spend in the store, RMT bypasses the store. Also, SG bragging about the 800k concurrent “players” they have doesn’t help your argument much.

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There’s probably something in their contract that if a certain criterion is met that bonuses etc get paid. The reason Amazon is flying them to NA and they are flying to SK isnt to discuss the game. It’s for Amazon to buy expensive dinners and discuss money. If they werent running the bots then something would be done by now point blank. Companies like AMAZON are not going to let bots cut into profits. It’s an inside job pure and simple.

What makes you think “AMAZON” is special? Just because they have a lot of money doesn’t mean they know how to use it. Just look at New World and the mess they made out of it.

Also, this isn’t Amazon. This is Amazon Game Studios, a subcompany, headed by people that have never touched games in their life.

Not going to argue with you when the evidence is not in your favor in any way. Nothing about the things they have done in any way has been real action against the problem. There are tons of evidence suggesting they are behind it though.

So they are lying when they say they’ve been doing banwaves, and the dips in player count happen because the system bugs?

When they removed the early game gold and did a major banwave a month after release, I guess the botted gold prices went up because Amazon got greedy? And inflation in game went down because people didn’t need to buy any more gold, of course.

I’m not sure the world has enough tinfoil for your hat.


He must be pretending, right? It can’t be real.

Until they do something to their actual source of gold income which is UNAs and infinite chaos nothing will change my mind on SMG being behind the bot farms. The reason they messed with the rapport gold is because that’s how competting bots were getting gold. Back then 1k was 1 dollar. They had to stop that price point by getting a monopoly on the bot gold. which is now 1/3 of what it used to be.

Who says it’s a company as a whole. What if a few of the devs are doing it to make extra income. It’s a legit theory.

In my mind it’s the only theory that makes sense. I personally think it’s the dev who does our updates every Thursday…

Assuming that RMTers would spend the same amount of money on the in-game shop if they couldn’t RMT is very naive.

That’s a headless chicken conspiracy you’re coming up with. :woman_shrugging:

Not even half of these people would buy gold if the only viable option was F4 shop, the prices are ridiculous. So no, you are not losing that much money.

What you aren’t considering is the inflation. Currently the prices seem ridiculous because gold is severely inflated, due to the rmt and everything is extremely expensive.

then make it make sense. How does every bot operation on the planet botting lost ark magically happen to figure out how to get up and running again like clockwork after every patch? You can set your alarm to the hour they will be back online. So every dev running bots are on discord saying go now guys lets log in?