I wonder if AGS higher ups are aware of the staggering amount of money they are losing to RMT

My investment into Reynolds Wrap just went to the moon! Im rich!!

It’s not naive at all. When a new technology comes out it is very expensive and only the wealthy can afford it, take a flat screen TV for instance, but eventually they can sell that same TV for much cheaper and pretty much everyone will have one. It’s better to sell 5 million TVs for 100 dollars each than 100 TVs for 5 million dollars total.

The cheaper the price the more people can afford it, therefore the more you will sell. It’s fairly simple.

Edit: My bad, I misread your post. Yes, I agree, RMT generates way more money than the overpriced in game store ever would.

If you’re the only seller but it looks like two sellers how are you losing anything? It’s not like some regulator comes in and is like “Right this skin has to be sold for this, this honing item can’t be more than this…” They choose the prices they could give everything free, it costs literally nothing to produce in game items.

I’m not saying they’re running the bots, if they got caught running the bots and doing this shady market manipulation shit I’m sure there’d probably be big legal action from governments let alone individuals. But if they were it’s not a loss because just like we know some people will never buy legit but will buy RMT if it’s cheap enough, and they’d be getting that money.

Nope, it was laughably bad since launch. I know this because its one of the first things i did when i reached level 50, check how monetization worked

Chinese bot names, Chinese forums, Chinese discord servers, Chinese screenshots and videos. What more of hard proof do you need? Are you saying SG is pretending to be Chinese? You should bring a proof to support your assumption.

This is why they are doing it with bots and not just generating gold via code. Bot operations give them plausible deniability.

They’re most assuredly not, let’s be honest do you think AGS is sophisticated enough to operate these kind of bots at this level? Keep all this going and keep it hidden? You think they’d think of all the little details everyone has found? You’re giving them far too much credit.

Of course AGS could. SMG is the one running them though.

What if there is a developer that sells the coding to some Chinese botter. It’s most likely not them but with how slow they are patching and banning the bots I see why some people might think individuals at SMG might have something to do with it. Regardless of how involved that might be.

Bots exist since launch.

Also do you expect to be able to pay 50 euros and get max gear?

Oh I completely understand how people could think that they could be involved. I too think it wouldn’t be completely weird to hear that they were. But ultimately I don’t think the risks involved would be worth the tiny bit of money in the grand scheme of it is.

If a company like Amazon in your mind isn’t capable of using your words “sophisticated” operation then what makes you think someone else could. If you’re still under the delusion that Amazon is incompetent then I’m not sure anything can convice you you’re wrong. The most successful company on the planet is only incompetent when they are trying to be. They are the definition of hyper efficient wtf

Yeah that could be the case.

it’s not a tiny bit of money homie. Especially not when your just a programmer. Programmers arent super rich lol

You can’t compare two different departments though. Just because Amazon shipping is really well executed doesn’t mean Amazon Games will be. Look at how they’ve destroyed every video game they’ve been involved with.

again, it’s not AGS doing it. It’s a rogue dev from SMG selling source code or being in cahoots’ with a bot operation. What else makes sense? How does the biggest bot farm ever just magically become unstoppable with Lost Ark?

I’m not a wizard with words, I’m aware of this. I don’t mean they’re not capable at all, they have the infrastructure to create bots, run them etc. But do I think their gaming team has the ability to do this and keep it secret so they don’t potentially get in trouble, no, sorry they’re not full of steven hawkings over at AGS.

This thread started going all in on conspiracy theory rofl.

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I agree with that but the communication and support team for AGS is literally terrible.

Staff is deleting post saying SMG is running the bots. That’s a red flag in and of itself.