I would like "skill effect" skins

During South Vern MSQ, I ve seen Avele literally performing Berserker Fury, but in bright white color which looked so much cooler. Later, I ve also seen Nineveh doing some of sharpshooter’s skills in greenish colors.

Wouldn’t it be cool if SG and AGS could release kind of skins for “skillls” that let us modify how the skills look like? Seeing some modified skills already implemented shows it’s not technically impossible. It should be purely cosmetic options and shouldn’t affect skill modifiers, otherwise it would be p2w. I think this could be a good business model for devs, which will make also players like me happy because seeing the same skill effects over and over makes it kind of boring.

How about any skins at all lol

I got used so much to league of legends skins changing the whole expierence with those amazing vfx (god bless sirhaian) that i feel every lost ark skin is a 975 rp skin xD.

Not stopping playing only for skins but it’s clearly not their area