I would like to know why

Is there a specific reason why you do not Perma Ban Gold buyers immediately they are found to be buying gold from gold sellers? This will alleviate the problem of bots, (there will always be bots}, but the penalty for buying gold is not severe enough. Instant perma ban is required, nothing else will stop them.

Looking forward to you answer on this.


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Maybe after being punished once they switch to buying gold legitimately


But that argument does not wash - they should not be buying it in the first place.

Why not? AGS doesn’t seem to actually do anything about rmter. And the ratio of buying gold with real money is way higher than buy it with RC.

And my question was why they do not perma ban gold buyers from bots, there is no incentive to not buy it. Surely an immediate perma ban would be more beneficial.

You ask why not - maybe its because they seems to be doing nothing towards the problem.

A slap on the wrist is not a solution - an immediate perma ban is. Why isn’t that enforced hence my question


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Yeah i was answered your second question after saw you said “they should not”. About the reason why they don’t perma ban RMTer is because AGS encourage the player who is willing to pay gold with real money to buy it with RC after AGS banned them from doing rmt the first time.

They just don’t wanna lose any player who are “willing” to pay for the game.

I understand the reason that AGS/SG want people to buy the Crystals to convert to gold - that is one of the game mechanics to get people to spend money on the game.

My question still stands as to why they DO NOT immediately perma ban gold buyers from bots, which only harms the game in the long run.

Guess an answer from AGS/SG is the solution to my question. We can discuss this all day but it wont be an official answer.

An official reply to this question would be appreciated by all those who have asked the question and still not had an answer.


Yeah, every answers for any of the problems in this game from them is they are working on it. Most of the “reasons why” are just player who giving out theory about the answer of them problem and another bunch of people agree with it, we rarely have any official answers from them tbh.

And its about time we did have an official answer. Anyway time to play the game.


Im still in queue lol. 2k left

i feel like we’ve seen this thread before.

The answer is “Because they want RMTers to spend money on the game, not leave”

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I told you why ,i talked a lot of this with devs from other games and people who work on marketing. They dont ban or just ban 1 day (keeping all the gold obvious) because they think after that ‘‘warning’’ they spend money into cash shop so they earn more money that way.
Sadly is totally the opposite because at the end everyone do RMT but well… i guess the people in charge is new on mmorpg or videogames i guess.

PD: Remember if they permaban all RMT probably they lose like 90% of real playerbase dunno in your server but in mine everyone do RMT like its totally legal its rlly sad :frowning:

They must not know how to effectively do that. To have enough proof they received the money from a bot. I believe this is top priority for them because it is messing with the market, and they do not receive money from whales. The ones that are legit do not want to spend that much because they feel they are receiving 1/4 of a gold and others just go straight to the bots

You may have seen this subject before a few times, it still begs the question to which we have not had an official answer.

You answer does not make sense as they are buying gold from gold sellers and not spending on the game. If you mean that they expect players to buy from the game after a warning then they seriously need to wise up, a slap on the wrist is not a deterrent. Anyway time for me to play the actual game.


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