I would love it if we could buy Pet Functions seperately as well

From currently what we know the pet functions such as repairing/auction house/pet inventory/storage access/2 stats are gonna be accessible by purchasing the Crystalline Aura in EU/NA.

Crystalline aura will be purchasable through Crystals that are earnable in game :slight_smile: so “pet rental” features can be acquired that way without paying money for a sub. -Roxx

Even though it’s amazing that we can get the Crystalline Aura with blue crystals there is a lot of people who only want to buy the pet functions just like they did in other regions and are afraid that they are gonna have to spend more blue crystals just to have pet functions. They are worried that they are gonna be forced to buy the aura if they ONLY want the Pet Functions.

It would be really great if we could just buy the Pet Functions separately on their own with Blue Crystals just like other regions. It would be the best thing ever. Love you guys the game is amazing :heart: @Roxx @TrevzorFTW @Luxendra

What do you guys think? Any feedback?


its hardly comparable to the other regions, as none of them had the beatrice blessing / ninebs blessins buffs buyable with ingame money. if they would it would probably be something everyone would buy just like they do with the pet buffs.

although im kind of confused, as they said there wont be any combat advantages to the crystalline aura and yet they combine it with the pet buff, which is a combat buff (one defensive and one offensive stat)

only thing i could think of is that the pets get their buff activated permanently so it wont have to be bought anymore

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Not really comparing them, just that there is a lot of people that only like the benefits they get from Pet Functions.

Now if you put that behind Crystalline Aura, no matter the monetization it’s just gonna be more expensive for those said players. Being able to separately buy the Pet Functions with Blue Crystals solves many problems from it’s impact to economy and it being now more expensive to get Pet Functions for those players.

i honestly see it differently. and you do compare it. you have to. but as i said, the people only bought pet buffs because it was the only thing available. if the blessings wouldve been available then there wouldnt be a whole lotta people who only buy pet buffs and ignore the blessings. so for a tiny minority it might impact it but for the vast majority it adds QoL. and depending on the price tag it might be cheaper for the vast majority.


You keep failing to see the point of the post, agree to disagree I’m not gonna try to convince you in particular any longer.

Pet Functions needs to be a seperate purchase for the big part of the community. If Pet Functions are being locked behind the Crystalline Aura exclusively it’s objectively a bad thing for the players, period. You are free to think what you want.

Thanks for creating a controversy in a topic that needs heavy attention from the devs/cms. Thank you so much for butchering it.

i dont think you know what objectively means. Because you gain Quality of Life and maybe a price advantage in trade for individualism. So depending on the price you either trade 1 negative point for 1 or 2 positive points which makes it objectively neutral to positive.

If you value the individualism over the price and quality of life then its subjectively worse for you.

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Again, agree to disagree, please stop butchering the post further by replying with your opinion.

none of that post had any kind of opinion in it. i make my opinion regarding that topic when i see the price of the package.


Please go ahead and muddy the topic more, go ahead man it’s not like it’s one of the most if not the most important topic in the community right now. Go ahead be controversial about it for no reason at all. Go ahead and sprinkle your own opinion about weighting imaginary positive and negative points as well. You are really doing an amazing service to the community right now and contributing a lot to the topic. Thanks man.

i think you are delusional somehow.

example: what if they do decide to split them up again. do you think they will cost the same as in a bundle? no. probably not. its highly likely they would end up costing more for the people buying all of them. which will most likely be a pretty big portion of the community. so you say its good for the community if a lot of them have to pay more?

try to think before talking garbage next time. and refrain from sending me private messages to try and silence me. thanks. i am free to give my opinion on this matter just as well as you.

do you have any hard numbers on how many people would buy only the pet buff? remember, you cant compare it to the other regions. so there is zero information on this. but looking at the amount of people who were already ready to pay real cash for it every month to support the game i would say the number of people buying all of them is quite high.

maybe it would be more helpful if you would state the reason on WHY you dont want to have the crystalline aura?


I literally whispered stop replying to the post, stop acting like I sent a hitman after you to “silence you”. You are literally going off topic in a EXTEREMELY IMPORTANT FEEDBACK POST. GO SPEND YOUR CONTROVERSIAL ENERGY ELSEWHERE. PLEASE DON’T EVEN RESPOND TO THIS

Holy hell this forum needs a block function.

i am just pointing out that you dont give a flying fuck about anyone else as you dont even want to spend a single second to think about the consequences. so stop hiding behind “the community”. you are trying to do this for you and for nobody else.

just kinda weird that you ask for opinions and then get mad when you get one that doesnt fit your narrative.


And I want to point out that I don’t give “a flying fuck” about people like you who wants to be controversial about every single topic and be purposely obtuse. I do not care about your opinion or what you have to say. Thanks for ruining any chance of a CM responding to the post. Hope one of them sees this and purges it all. Hope you have a nice day.

next time dont ask for opinions about a topic if you dont want any opinions on that topic lol.
btw. you still didnt answer about what you would want them to do if the price would be higher for all combined if they would separate them. you still want them to do it?

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You really made me wish that I didn’t ask for opinions. The price is obviously gonna be higher as a bundle anyways which was the point of the entire damn post that flew right over your head. Thanks again. Have a nice day.

because its typical that bundled items cost more in a bundle then they would cost all combined but sold separately? do you even listen to yourself? bending reality as you need it, am i right?

Ok primary school mode it is then.

Hey Jimmy you want a candy that costs a 1$.

But the shopkeeper say no, no, no. You can only buy that candy if you buy ice cream! Says that’s gonna be 3$!

You get sad because you want the candy for cheap not the icecream? Sure you get both for cheaper maybe but now you gotta give up another 2$!

But wait… somebody just barges into the shop, drooling all over the floor, he goes “WhY ArE YoU cRYiGn ThOuıUGh MaN yOu GeT InSaNEeEeE VaLuE LMFAO?”

You say you don’t want the ice cream, you say you just want the candy, but the guy doesn’t listen or stop, same line over and over again. You can’t even get the chance to speak to the shopkeeper, annoyed the shopkeeper doesn’t listen to both of you and kicks you out. Nothing gets accomplished.

-The End

then let me use your example:

person A only wants to buy the 1$ candy which is only offered in a set. now the set is 3$ in your example so he has to pay 2$ more BUT gets ice cream as well.

now person B wants to have candy and ice cream and is happy that it only costs 3$ BUT person A cried so loud and whined like a little kid so that the shopkeeper changes it so the candy costs 1$ but now the ice cream alone costs 4$.

so person B now has to spend 5$ instead of 3 to get what he would have gotten before while without the change person A had to spend 2$ more but at least got something for the extra money. person B has to spend more but doesnt get anything extra.

you essentially want to fuck over person B because you are person A. you say you do this for person B as well which is obviously not true.

i wouldnt care if they split it up as long as everything costs the same as it would have costed when being in a set. but sets are basically ALWAYS cheaper than individual items, for obvious business reasons, so its HIGHLY likely that your change to accommodate the person A minority is going to end up making A LOT of person Bs mad.

the smart thing to do would be to wait until we actually know what it is going to cost so you can make the point about that. but you decided to get SUPER mad over speculation and trying to hide it as “good deed for the community”


In your example the only way to get the icecream is through the bundle, which is not what I’m proposing at all.

Go read the first post again. I’m saying Pet Functions needs to be buyable with blue crystals separately from the Crystalline Aura. Nowhere did I mention that Crystalline Aura should not give you the Pet Functions. You are literally arguing with imaginary points in your head.

Also I’m pretty sure that “person A”(people who care about pet functions) is WAY HIGHER than “person B”(people who care about crystalline aura benefits). So you are absolutely wrong on that too. Not even gonna mention people who want to spend their crystals on costumes etc. and not on crystalline aura.

Which is why my proposal is “for the community” and yours is against it. Which is why my stance is objective and yours is not. I’m proposing a change that helps almost everyone and you are proposing one that disturbs everyone (including the economy) but the ones that were dead set on buying the crystalline aura above everything else.

I’m saying don’t screw over “personA” which is the majority, you are saying screw the “personA” because “personB” not gets more value!

only thing i could think of is that the pets get their buff activated permanently so it wont have to be bought anymore

That would be so nice