I wrongly bought the 70k panths skin from rapport npc

I was wandering if you could delete my rapport skin Lofty Sentiment Panths on my character and return my 70k providence stones.The mistake i made is that i thought the destruction punisher chest&legs gave only 1% strength and decide that i need panths in order to get the other 1% but after checking the same set on the market it was written that it had 2% strength so maybe it was bug for the blue crystal version of the destruction punisher and i wasted almost all my providence stones for nothing which i would have liked to spend on gifts to make the npc happier.
My character name is Babaid and my Server is Sirius.
Thanks in advance and cheers!

No refunds :smiley: you gotta go and farm them stones again

Hello @Babaid,

I’m sorry you’re having an issue where you accidently bought 70k panths skin from rapport npc.

Upon checking, unfortunately in-game purchases are non refundable, we are sorry about any inconvenience this may have caused,.

I have also forwarded the issue with the team as a feedback :slight_smile:

I hope this information was helpful!


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Well thanks for trying and have a nice day!

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