Ia EAC the cause for the disconects?

I saw many post about how EAC does not have any real protections and wears out the CPU. Since DC is only a problem in our version of the game, as far as I’m aware neither of other versions use EAC. Is this engine really necessary, wouldn’t a client like GW2 and FFXIV be a better option?

In EUW there are no widespread DC issues. The issues must be related to high population servers and bots as EUW is low pop.

EAC is the cheapest option available. There are tons of better options but they would all require significant capital investments which neither AGS or SGR are willing to put up.

This is probably true. EAC tends to freak out when your connection goes unstable for even a few seconds.

As for the issues with the CPU and the game not completely closing this is something that several other games have also been running into. It will probably need to be fixed by EAC themselves rather than AGS.

NAW had few disconnect issues and it’s stuffed with bots.

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