Icewing Heights Cliff vista bug

I went to Icewing Heights for cliff vista and I used it but when i looked at my adventurer’s tone I could not achive it. It still saying undiscovered.
Server: Western Europe - Ealyn
Character’s name: Ggkus

Hello Ggkush,

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Thank you so much for reporting this undiscovered error within Icewing Height’s vista. I’ve found a previous post related to this error with a solution, you can check it here:

Please follow these same steps and let me know if the problem keeps happening:

  1. Close Lost Ark.
  2. Apply a Steam integrity check files:
  1. Restart your PC.
  2. Re-lauch Lost Ark and interact with Icewing Heights cliff’s vista.

Let me know if after this troubleshooting the issue keeps happening, I’ll pending for your replies.

Screenshot 2022-04-14 5.56.31 AMpastedImage (3)

i have the same problem…did all that is mentioned above and there was allso the new update still the vista wont activate for the tome!

never mind . found the problem… the vista is hidden in annother location than the one from the guides,i was watching the great waterfall ,the vista was actualy right side of graymoon cliff between some trees right after the brige,