Id like to give thanks to the Dev team for

Making awesome updates and surprising us with cool quality of life (QOL) improvements. However, the main reason for this post is to express my gratitude for the ‘Shift+G’ feature, which allows us to skip dialogues. It was very troublesome to have to spam ‘G’ every time, especially when doing dailies. I had actually stopped doing dailies because of how tedious it was. Now with this QOL improvement, I don’t mind doing my dailies on my alts again.

Next, if you guys could find a creative way to improve Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids, that would be great. They can still be very tedious and boring due to their repetitive nature.

+New QOL
Under this Daily Una’s Task, add the option to check all 3 favorite dailies instead of individually clicking ‘Accept’ each time