I'd like to recover a deleted character

Hello I deleted a character and didn’t save the appearance. Could it be restored? Was named Bellclare on the server Kadan, central Europe region, assassin class. ty…

Hello @aggelos33, it’s a pleasure give you the welcome to our forums!

I’m glad to assist you with that and restore the character. If you are in game please logout and let me know when you have closed the game so i can proceed with the character restoration.

Greetings. :balloon:

Hi, i’m not ingame right now.

Hey! I’m sorry for the delay,

Your character has been restored. Please log back in and check the character status.

Let me know if the character was successfully restored.

It’s there! Ty very much!

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You’r very welcome!

Enjoy your adventure through Arkesia :sunrise: :sailboat:

Take care.