I'd like your opinions

don’t be fooled by the nice graphics and good looking trailer.
ncsoft games are not casual gamer friendly.
if they did not change the way the make games, I’m pretty sure you have to hard grind your way to the top

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I’d say no to starting now. Judging from your post and being in NAW just the act of trying to play the game requires 1-2 hours of waiting in the queue.

Not to mention the very first experience he’d have is the masses of bots he’ll be encountering. Imagine trying to score a tag for those mobs questing your way to 50… I wouldn’t like that especially when the bots are stacked to the brim.

Your friend will without a doubt have a negative view of the game probably curse you for getting them into this shitty game lol. I park a t2 alt in vern and ocassionally I see the stragglers making their way there asking questions like we did day 1 and they were floored to see an actual player. That unfortunately is the state of the game right now.

This game might be here later on but who knows. Definitely not worth investing time in it right now.

game is by ncsoft, i learned my lesson from aion and aion classic


It’s made by NCSOFT. RUN Fast. It doesn’t matter how it looks from a trailer.

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and why didn’t you learn it in new world and are you still here? you don’t like mmorpg, otherwise you wouldn’t say that


i never played new world

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He should play the game, but dont incourage him to expend anything if he cant afford or he will abuse the amount things he will buy, and say to him that the game is hard, and to not fomo

also lost ark is nothing like aion lol


Every single friend i had and was impressed by the game, i would tell them not to start and despite my warning they’d waste their time figuring out the mindless grind it is and quit short after.

Counting 4 people so far with only one remaining. This game keeps showing more and more lack of respect in players dedication.

Let me think you another thread.

If you’re looking for a more in-game socially active community, that thread would tell you that this isn’t that type of game. People come on to do their thing and leave. You won’t find people hanging around and typing, they’d prefer to Discord and not have to read messages from randoms.

At this point? Absolutely not

I can’t recommend any f2p or whale friends to this game anymore because of the queue times, botting, and rmt. A lot of the people who still play the game do so because they are addicted and scared to miss daily/weekly rewards.

Hey @Roxx and @Shadow_Fox,

Do you see this. These are the kind of qualitative data that a business intelligence tool does not give. Look at this example : NCsoft developped a high quality game Throne and liberty, but look at all the players who play a game developped by that developer. Due to past horrible experience some might not even want to touch that game no matter how great it look. (@Katnip,@Pleione and @theDrastik, thanks for the valuable input)

In the world of analysis Quantitative and qualitative data are important. The gaming market is a booming market that is expect to continue to grow. Personally, i don’t think AGS ultimate goal is to stop with the publishing the game of Lost Ark. You guys should use Lost Ark as a stepping stone for all the upcoming project in development in AGS studio.

Tell management don’t hesitate to spend more on this to turn the ship around. Make it work, this is a turning point for the studio, AGs have failed with Crucible and new world. Don’t make Lost Ark another failure because if it does forget about the new game or any future project of AGS that will be releasing as player from crucible, new world and Lost Ark will not give it a chance. Make Lost Ark a redemption point some Lost will incur to make great thing just like when Amazon firstly started with consistent loss every single year because of reinvesting in AWS division which is now a profitable one. Same thing with Gaming division, the possibility of a successful game division is limitless. Think about IP, merchandising, if later on Amazon decide to make its own games which become successful like League of Legends, how about film from that franchise or toys or VR game etc. You have to go big just like when Jeff started Amazon business, his vision is not to stop with simply selling book but becoming the #1 in online selling, then movie then space. AGS should do the same, but before going to this big AGS and SGR need to have a serious talk and make this Lost Ark successful in the West. SGR will be happy and AGS regained its reputations towards the player community then it can start to roll out its other project.

There is nothing more that I want to see this game to succeed such as many complainers in this forum. People complaints because they still care about the game and still want to give it a chance, but this might be the very last one for many base on the many post I read so far. So make it worth this chance and turn thing around.

A lot of thing can’t be seen with simply quantitative data and require insightful long term thinking to see thing what data or other don’t allow you to see. One prime example is Disney in the 1990’s, when you look solely at the number back then it is solid or average like the other business, but the Mickey mouse and all the other characters/IP which were not reflected back then quantitatively are worth more than the company itself.

TLDR: we know where Disney is at this point. If AGS want to achieve this Titan status in this area, it first needs to earn the goodwill of players of this Lost Ark game first then next one with its own game.


if they’re gonna fail which i hope they don’t but at this point they should give this game to a better publisher, i’ve already added AGS to my list of nope

I hope they can redeem and earn back the trust of players this is a crucial for any upcoming project if any from AGS studio.

Besides kids, which may or may not be interested jn this genre, I think most of the mmorpgs community have people from 25 to 30-35yo.

that being said, they should realize that we, as the actual playerbase, are not kids anymore.

We don’t look at new game released and just go crazy, everyone now is more aware of details like “who developed/published this?”

If they keep this “failure streak”, every other future release is going to be doomed, and they marked as a bad studio/publisher/whatever.

they should be aware that this is more important than any other bot/rmt/queue issue.

Sorry for the little off topic OP, you know how things in LA forum works lol

at this point id say it depends on if you run into queues on the server your trying to get your friend to play with you on.

If you hit queues… no… don’t bring him here. This is not the ice breaking moment for any PC gamer, to get all hyped up and then hit with a login wall.
If you don’t then try to play with him as much as possible.
I reciently was fortunate to restart on NAE from NAW as the login queues were stressful, with a friend, and we basically duo’d the entire luteria arc together in 3 days.

But this is my personal advice / opinion…
And definitely do not have him spend ANY cash until you are 100% sure your region wont be hit with a login wall.

The moment you see that login wall, it will kill it for your friend.


I have 1 friend who recently gave the game a go (started 2 weeks ago and he just hit t3 after doing every side quest) and he’s enjoying it.

I asked him about the bots and he says that they don’t bother him since while questing he rarely sees them unless he goes to the main city.

I think it’s based on what type of player your friend is, e.g. if he likes mmorpgs and has tried most from WoW to Aion to BDO etc… he might find it enjoyable. Like honing, it’s 50/50 and your friend will never know until he tries the game.

I do suggest however that he doesn’t spend any money.

In regards to the social aspect, as long as he has you there it won’t be as lonesome, and definitely wont be lonesome if you have a guild with a discord and frequent players.

I also highly suggest that if you are on NA west, perhaps it may be best to wait a bit until the queues are properly handled. Other than that it is a good time to test the game due to all the catch up events etc…

This is such a great game, but all of the friends I tried recruiting back in Feb / March ended up quitting before leaving Luterra. The only reason was bots. Randomly named destroyers travelling faster than mounts, teleporting everywhere, mobs being stolen, not a great look.

Contrast that to when I started. Healthy community in every zone working together to figure out field bosses, mokoko barriers, and a 100% real player experience. I hit 50 before the first bots started showing up.