Idea for acquiring more mats

It simple really make the materials for all upgrade drop for your tier in random encounters but put a daily limit on the amount you can acquire say 100 leapstones 500 offense 1000 defense instead of just from chaos dungeons guardian raids. give increased chance from those but allow us to grind out more chances daily besides those. those numbers were just pulled out im not saying those are final numbers. people are mat starved once we hit 1340 to 1370. im not asking for everything to be handed to people im not even asking for honing changes im saying let us make 4-5 attempts a day to upgrade at that point not 1 if we are lucky enough to get drops. the player base is quitting because of this wall so if you want to keep more than say 10k players playing the dev team needs to step up because the longer this continues the more players are gonna quit. this will be new world all over again at the current pace of decline.

not really 200 more leapstones per week would be a good upgrade 200 destructions isnt anything to be happy about thats spitting on the people playing the game.

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sorry too much grinding to try and get mats to fail my upgrades so i can 1 day actually upgrade my items been grinding chaos dungeons for 4 hours already.

He is just mad bro, don’t listen to him XD

I agree we need more mats. But the positive thing is, if the pvp vendor has the same mats as KR and RU we will have a good influx of extra mats. And hopefully the prices drop in reaction to it