Idea of releasing classes

why not just release all missing classes with dlc contents?

players who r waiting for their main will gladly pay for them instead waiting for months or years.

Oof, this is a big brain play, but not sure if that would go down well with the community ;_;

Totally would pay for my class, since all of them area already in the game anyway, just arbitrarily disabled for our convenience.

Better than being forced to essentially only play “alts” for several more months


and release them in terms for free for others to try that classes later on.

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there are different way to go…

you do all class to unlock in the ingame cash shop, in two version : class alone, class + “platinum pack” (we will get it with each class so…)

and each month, in the attendance reward, as second reward for the 25th day (the right column could get one more thing) you put a ticket to get one class alone of your choice.

New player ? they will do a first class, get it to t3 and unlock the feiton (and in some months, papunika) pass. and get the ticket to unlock a class, keeping it or using it. with the pass, it will be fast (or instant) to t3. so would not harm too much, and in november/december or january, you do the “full unlock” for all classes.

For “us” you do the same, but in the first patch adding this system you offer one ticket for all. (allowing people to unlock one class of their choice for free day1)
People want scooter + artist = wait 25 days, or buy second.

More money for them, we get what we want first…
but… you can’t do marketing,

they hope class will make people come back, it will be the case for lance master i think (hope). clearly the number will get higher in the first week, but… will fast decrease… And class not so waited like arcana, destro won’t make a real comeback… they do mistake considering aside scooter, artist and lancemaster, there will be a hype really efficient for their profit with this drip feed… while it will bore some people who will leave. a player who lives, you can never be sure he will come back if you solve all problem that made him quit…

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:frowning: I know made a banner for pulls for classes that are missing but I think the topic/post got deleted.

We gonna have class banner pulls I know it.

I am 100% to pay for early access. Willing to pay for access to artist right now rather than wait for 5~6 months. I’m sure many people will be unhappy tho.

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m o n e y.

They will make more over time releasing stuff down the road, make players come back to the game, buy some skins, spend on some hones, get bored and stop again.

It’s business tactics, nothing more. Your happiness is not only less important, but actually discouraged in games such as these.

if that was the case they should’ve capitalized on the massive launch and monetized all the classes while having them all out at once.

If I offer you 10 skins for 10 classes, you’ll buy 1, play 1 and that’s that.

If I offer you a different skin for your favorite class once a month, you might just buy more than 1 skin as you get bored of the one your in.

Also there is no incentive for people who left to come back. “OMG X CLASS NEXT MONTH” maybe i’ll play again is more likely than “Meh, some new thing to kill, but i’m bored of my X class”

I think in a new game I’d agree with you. HOwever in this case the classes are already out in other region(s) and people already know what they want to main and are essentially just waiting for their class to come out. Meaning, a lot of players will simply leave and possibly not come back whenever that class releases, while other people who are already playing the class they want AND “know” the class that might come out later won’t really come back because of that (if they have even left at that point)

So really it’s just making more players leave than it’ll make players come back later on. Also keeping players in the game should be preferred whenever possible especially while there’s still some hype around it, providing bigger player numbers in general.

That’s just even better for them.

They don’t have to develop anything. Just gut the client (as they have) and slow drip it back to you over the next few years. Those who quit will quit, those who stay will likely be the spending customers who will keep pumping money into the economy.

Not like they want 1,000,000 F2P freeloaders eating up server space :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe, but factor in this game started with a milllion plus players and they failed to capitalize on all those potential buyers. The drip feed of now would probably be less than the money they would’ve made by front loading content. And they still could’ve had subsequent month to month single skin releases, to potentially double dip before those fairweather players left.

I do not disagree with you on that. Only that you can be sure going forward you will rarely if ever see more than 1 class and 1 skin released at a time and these will usually come when player fustration levels are reaching a boiling over point.

AGS chose to take the predatory direction over the player experience (or maybe SG did and AGS just takes all the blame since they are client facing). This is the same monetization strategy that companies like Gamigo use.

I hate it, I wish we had the full game released properly to us with some kinda bonus monthly sub for additional benefits to provide a reason to spend and we could enjoy the game as it is today in KR/RU… But that is clearly never going to happen in NA.

All the corporate simps are about to tell you that you just don’t understand the five billion IQ brilliance of AGS/SG actively sabotaging their own game. The fact that they throw around “people will come back for class releases” is buck fucking wild. Like, no, that’s not how that works. Sure a few will actually wait without playing the game and then return/join when their class releases, but most are going to move on and never return. And in a game like this that’s a snowball effect: first people leave because their class isn’t out for no reason and then their friends leave because they don’t have anyone to play with, or their server mates start leaving because the community starts to feel like it’s dwindling as queue times steadily rise and shards steadily empty.

Believing that people will just come back, or will newly join the game, because of staggered class releases, is essentially proof that someone has literally zero fucking clue about customer psychology.


Yet, here you have AGS doing just that.

So someone somewhere believes it to be the right idea.

And that someone likely answers to shareholders and has never played a video game in their lives.

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Right, which is where incompetence comes in. I know AGS is an absolute shitfire but I’m pretty sure this is just SG not understanding the difference between eastern and western audiences. They’ll make enough to justify the port so they’ll probably never learn, but the game could have/would make a ton more money both short and long term if they were a little less trying to game their playerbase and a little more trying to just put out a quality product. The core gameplay is fantastic and like a next-gen ARPG, and they’re just pissing all over that potential with the way they’re handling the release.


It just seems to add fuel to the fire rather than snuffing it out is all. The omen sets were bought up, but I’m sure I heard it being trashed and not being popular. Releasing a single class a month would be stellar if they weren’t just old classes being re added, it’s like getting coupons thrown at your face in response to outrage about the product. Does this really make you want to buy anything from amazon games?


You have two roads in this situation. Player Satisfaction and overall happiness with a product, or Player frustration with something they want to be satisfied with, forcing them into situations where they are not enjoying the product without finding ways to bypass the artifical gates imposed by it’s release (typical paywall)

Option 1 we’d all have a good full game, likely make a nice early burst of cash and then slowly stabilize and remaining a solid game to play while KR continues to pump out content for all KR/RU/JP/NA clients. Whales would still whale, it’s what they do. Some dolphins as well most likely.

Option 2 we have a frustrating experience that pushes people to spend money they shouldn’t to accomplish goals gated intentionally and the solution sold back to you. You get a slower trickle of cash over a longer period as people maintain a sunk cost fallacy and don’t want to give up on something they know is good, but for whatever reason are being told to just keep holding on until it gets good.

I think you’re right, but the bit about customer psychology, it’s more like they’re mis applying it and doing it without situational context. Like it might work in some situations, but applying those practices here is a complete failure, like it was applied by some master in business with no head for gaming or how pricing models work in online games.

I’m not shocked though, a lot of companies have been having this problem in gaming for the past decade and haven’t learned a damn thing.