Idea of Solution to EU Server's Crysis

So Amazon literally saying they have the best cloud servers in the market but they can’t handle us and it’s been close to 14 days we are suffering from ques, matchmaking, aura disappearing, duped items that did not remove also they duped the “going new server pack” on our original server (thanks AGS I got 2 cerberus you really making me blush), no char transfer (yes there is no char transfer in LA in any version guess why to cause they have stable servers that have no problems like us right?) so anyways we all know these.

So Amazon has a huge name globally and the brand itself promises you good quality products and customer service and they are building that for years. I don’t think Bezos know like at least 80 to 100k people suffering for queues ever and many more suffering from those bugs. I say let’s unite in Twitter with a hashtag like #FixLostArk or something like that and tag Bezos. Dunno if it works or not but I am open to any suggestion cause AGS maybe fix the ques and other stuff maybe in a month or 2 or never till people stop trying to play game.

Comment your hashtag make it simple and meaningful and let’s make poll and decide and tweet I guess.

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Tweeting Bezos wont simply spring a fix out of thin air.

While AGS fucked up on the number of servers available at launch, the rest of the issues now are caused by how the game is coded, that it actually isnt possible to upscale the size servers or the amount of servers available in a region. They’re all interlinked and any increase causes them to have a seizure as we see with the broken matchmaking and shop/crystaline aura.

There is no ‘‘fix’’, the only prevention to what we have now is for AGS to have used their brain before launch and have the extra servers online then, or by waiting for people to quit/migrate from EUC.

They have what, like 1 million angry people in Europe now? And all the people who were angry about the New World launch.

No matter how much money this game makes, giving the company “Amazon” in the name was a very bad business move.

Well, what do you want to hear xD. This isn’t necessarily something to brainstorm, cause “server transfer” of some sort seems to be the only way out of this. They already said they can’t scale EUC further, so they either have Smilegate develop the feature (to some limited degree, they supposedly already did) and make it cross-regional through collaboration with the Amazon infra people (need to setup secure connection between DCs prolly) or … wait for it to pass. People will eventually leave, disgusted by the state of things right? Waiting works fine … xD

It’s cute that you think Bezos cares about the LA queues. Being this naive is a breath of fresh air. Does not matter you making tweets to fix the game. Do you really think the devs are not trying to fix it ? They are just buying a bit of time before they come up with the real fixing (wich in my opinion would be to just give your paid items and drops onto a completely different region - dunno if its easy or not - just that this solution would for sure fix alot of queues and spread the community like it should be)

There’s like 1m people total playing, maybe like 600k EU, this isnt really a big deal for them, no one outside of MMO players really even knows what Lost Ark is.

Are you going to boycott all of Amazons products and services now because they ruined a game launch? Probably not.

The harm this causes ‘‘Amazon’’ as a brand is miniscule compared to all the other shady business practices they do, which they seem to brush off like nothing.

Then let’s have happy angry screaming on forums while waiting for our queues or till we go sleep.

Everyone been doing that since day one, dunno what the surprise is :smiley:

I mean… just move to EuW who cares if you lose items. I moved to EuW and i’m glad i did, and yes i also lost items/mounts. But logging in and out when i want? priceless

Shady business practices are rarely as dangerous as shoddy products and shoddy customer service to a business’ reputation. The gamer community is known for being ruthless towards businesses with shady products, and the reach of this could be wider than the just MMO community or even just the gamer community.

The reputation that Amazon conferred to AGS by allowing the use of their brand name in their company name, no doubt to gain an advantage over other game studios, can now be used as leverage to force Amazon and AGS to make necessary changes.

OP’s suggestion is not useless.

They ruined New World and everyone still rushed to this. If they publish another game in the future I guarantee everyone here will jump to it again.

I think fewer people would preorder, fewer people would give positive reviews, they would lose contracts, and Amazon might do something to protect their reputation. Worth a shot.