Idea to combat bots

Got this idea that may help combat bots. I know some will disagree but hear me out. Currently the game is F2P which allows for anyone to create an account. Why not make the game cost, idk $5. Give that $5 worth in aura or royal crystals. The majority of people will probably spend that money in game anyways and for those who won’t, $5 is really cheap for a game. As bots get banned, botters will have to pay to put another bot in. With as many bots running around, eventually it’ll get too expensive for them to push more bots in. It’s not an instant fix but assuming bans on bots are being actively issued, it can fix it pretty quickly.

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Nah man, game should require Amazon Prime to be able to play. That would make the game 1,000,000% better and bot free.

Also, I have a bridge I’d like to sell, DM me for details.

WoW costs way more and still has a huge bot problem. That wouldn’t help.

Block trades between accounts, outside of the AH. Adjust some other stuff and give AH prices a cap. Crap T1 rings shouldn’t be sold for 700.000k gold.

When Bot can not transfer the gold to a main acc, it will be way harder to get enough. AThat way you can not deliver it beside the AH.

But Amazon will never do it, because of reasons. In Diablo 3 it helped. There is no Bot Problem.

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“ WoW costs way more and still has a huge bot problem. That wouldn’t help.”

Incorrect because the currency in wow is freely farmed anywhere anytime. Lost ark you can’t get the currency for many hours and once you do it comes in very slowly.

That’s why they need hundreds of thousands of bots running all hours of the day, because each account only brings in a couple of bucks worth of gold before it gets banned

Where am I wrong that WoW costs way more than 5$ and that they have a huge Bot Problem?

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It’s an incorrect comparison. The fact that bots exist in wow, which has a different currency, has nothing to do with the bots that are in lost ark. A box price would kill bots in lost ark where it wouldn’t in wow.

That doesnt change anything about what I mentioned. WoW costs way more and still has a Bot Problem. Regardless of how easy or hard it it to get it.

There would be ways to fight the bots. Like I mentioned before. Do not allow Item and Gold transfer between Accounts. Remove the Peon Costs für transferting Items between the roster chars and all Items which are char bound become roster bound.

Than add a cap to the prices of “crap” items. If the average price of an item is 2 Gild it shouldnt be possible to sell it for 500k. Setting a 500g cap wouldn’t hurt anyone.

the game lost 1,15 million players allready. And at moment we have ~60% Bots.
The System that items can not be transfered is in the game allready. You could expend it to gold and everything else. Removing peon Costs for the Roster shouldnt be a Problem and changing “char bound” to “Roster bound” for equip and mats shoudln’t be that hard.

That would make Alts even better.

Wbr, shnoopx

Oh sure there are other solutions, I’m just saying that a price on this game would also solve the problem even if it doesn’t in wow