Idea to prevent bots

i had an idea, if you guys remove thr rabbit pet from the game maybe the bots will stop? i’m feeling so alon in the lost ark, there is 570k people but i’ve played 79 hours and i swear i dont think i have seen any real player. asmongold made a scientific graph and there is 400k bots and its just ruining the game and making servers full costs more money i guess. remove rabbits merge servers so we dont feel alone and quit. bots doesn’t spent money we spent real money. i spent 99 dollars to get crystal and buy gold and my friend spent $10 to get 20k gold and $99 i spent isnt even close to 20k gold. so removing the free rabbit will help maybe

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This is a creative idea. Removing, or locking out the pet loot pickup feature would definitely add a hindrance to their farming methods.

This is the kind of thinking outside of the box that we need. I am not sure that real players could easily tolerate this. But if you enacted it against all suspected bot accounts, it would certainly make their picking up loot more painful.