Ideal Spec/Swift ratio for Glaivier Pinnacle in 1460+?

I read somewhere that 1500 spec / 500 swift should be the goal. Is it correct?

Thanks folks.

For pinaccle, just swift on the necklace. It’s a filler stat. Your aim is to get as much spec as possible.

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With relic accessory im At 1600/500 (not even Max quality but average of 60+) and i just need 3 blue to Switch

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Right now I’m sitting on 1544 swiftness, saving up to get a better quality necklace, and when I’m in red stance, if I do Red Dragon’s Horn + Thrust of Destruction I either have to wait 2s or use spiraling spear to get the full gauge. So 1600 should allow the use of only 2 spells without the need to fill with spiraling spear or using wealth runes before switching. Your aim defo should be 1600 spec, and swiftness only on the necklace.

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