Ideas for handling botting

Have a system to flag a person as a bot through a series of tests. They get 1 bot point each time they fail a test. When they reach 10 bot points they are banned and the steam account is banned forever too. They MUST be banned before they are able to make 5$ worth of profit. You can’t have a catch all test. If that existed no game would have bots. You need to constantly evolve your tests as the bots evolve to pass them. You need to crush their spirit quickly and before they make profit after updating their bots.

Test ideas:

  1. Add flag at early NPCs to record a players position when they talk to a NPC. Check their class/gear/spec/etc and record their position. If they are standing in the exact position as the highest % of other recorded players position with the same class/spec/gear/etc they get a bot point.

  2. If someone spent over 200$ in the in-game shop, achieved some complex achievement that no bot would ever do (100% adventure tome in 4+ continents) flag them as not a bot and don’t waste resources testing these people. You need to try and flag the non-botting accounts to reduce the amount of false bans.

  3. Speed hacking detection. Record player position. 5s later record position again. If they moved farther than possible and were not mounted they get a bot point.

  4. Look for spots the bots clip through walls and make a hitbox in the wall that detects if a player collided with it. If they did they get a bot point.

  5. Record the exact “events” a player does in the early game areas in locations with many possible options (a side quest hub area) If a player does the exact same series of events (talks to npc 1 then npc 2 then does quest 1 then equips item 1 then does quest 2 etc for 50+ events) flag them as a bot.

  6. Have priority queues for players in T3, then T2 and finally let in people in T1. No one in T3 should have to wait 3 hours to get in the game if half the people in the queue are brand new T1 bots. Sure a couple new players get shafted but too bad. They are already put off by the queue and bots everywhere they probably aren’t too impressed anyways.

Anyone have any ideas or thoughts about this stuff? I’m just brainstorming here. Maybe someone has a good idea.

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There are like 900 threads about this. Amazon doesnt care. They need the bots to inflate the population or people would see that there are less than 100k players left and the game would be deemed a failure. Whales would stop whaling, casuals would quit, amazon would lose money, and they would in the end have to pull the plug because their investment is dead.

If they really wanted to stop the bots, there are plenty of ways. The absolute most effective way would be to get rid of gold costs on honing. That would eliminate the vast majority of need/demand for gold right there. The bots only skyrocketed in number once more people started entering t3 and needed more gold for upgrades. The forums are littered with ‘we need gold’ threads and the botters answered the call since amazon didnt. Honing already costs silver. Why does it need 2 currencies? Because all theyre doing is encouraging botting and adding literally nothing to gameplay in return.

Literally every single bot is a Berserker and teleport hacks.

Any half brained idiot dev could find a workaround to detect it.

The devs here actually encourage this behavior and support it.

All they need to do is check playtime. Even if the bots logout and back in to reset the clock, all theyd have to do is check who has the most played hours in a week, then follow their activity. Use filters like ‘are they a berserker?’. ‘how many times have they run chaos dungeons?’. 'have they followed the exact same path as every other banned bot?

This isnt rocket science like the pro-botters posting in threads like to pretend it is.

instant autoban multi accounts sharing 1 ip will remove bots.

and register business numbers required for multi accounts use on same ip for cyber cafes like korea does.

what about siblings and husband/wives, they will all just get banned then ._.

Simple, captcha.